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The Role of Human is Not Completely Replaced by Robotic Journalism

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Rahadian Prajna Paramita from
Rahadian Prajna Paramita from
Robotic journalism is machine use without human reporter interference to produce reports or article. Robotic journalism in Indonesia began to be initiated by one of online media, since 2018. Beritagar. Id uses robotic journalism with focused on reports of football matches result. The purpose of robotic journalism utilization is to assist editor.

However, robotic journalism will never completely replace humans in writing news article. "Robots can't do interview yet, only humans can do this in journalism practice," said Rahadian Prajna Paramita as Deputy Chief Editor at

Rahadian was at Nuswantara auditorium Faculty of Social and Political Science to present guest lecture themed "Enter the Robot Journalism: How Artificial Intelligence and Journalism May Co-Develop". The event was held by Communication Department, Faculty of Social and Political Science Brawijaya University on Friday (9/Nov/2018).

Rahadian also explained that in addition to robot journalism utilization, also uses driven journalism data as its data paradigm using Computer Assisted Reporting (CAR) to help data processing.

"Although currently journalism practice much uses robot or machine, but human journalism will never completely replaced," Rahardian closed. [02/Fariza/Humas FISIP/Humas UB/trans. Denok]








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