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The Greater Malang Area Experiencing A decrease of Land Surface 3 Maters in 3 Years

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Picture 1
Picture 1
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Picture 2
A disaster that happened some time ago should be a valuable lesson for all parties so there are no more casualties or large material losses from the community. Education in disaster literacy is necessary to do in integrated ways, and parties should give positive contribution.

Based on that, Geo-informatics Research Group, Faculty of Computer Science, Brawijaya University had an analysis on vertical movement from the greater Malang Region and surroundings based on Europe radar satellite data.

Fatwa Ramdani, D.Sc., S.Si., M.Sc as Chairman of the Geo-informatics Research Group, Faculty of Computer Science Brawijaya University mentioned the collected data is data in the last three years, namely since 2015 until 2018. DinSAR (Differential Interferogram Synthetic Aperture Radar) is carried out to get information changes vertically from the surface of the ground.

The result is quite surprising, South Malang Region and its surrounding experiences significant subsidence within three years, that is almost three meters (red colour in picture 1).

Meanwhile the central and northern regions did not experience significant changes.

But on the contrary, the northernmost region, like Surabaya and Madura Island experiences a rise in ground level around 3 cm (blue colour in picture 1). Activities of the Australia plate which continues to move to the north towards south the island of Java moves around 71 mm/year (picture 2). This thing looks small, but the impact is very large on land subsidence.

This can show the community in the southern greater Malang area and its surroundings that they need to consider building structure that is resistant to significant changes in land subsidence so as not to bring material or non-material losses in the future.

Meanwhile, in the central and northern region of Malang need to pay attention to the development that does not pay attention to the environment. Uncontrolled growth will bring disaster like flood and landslide in the rainy season.

"Our preliminary analysis indicates that in the last 20 years, Malang City and Batu rapidly grows," said Fatwa. [Fatwa Ramdani/PSIK Filkom/Humas UB/trans. Denok]



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