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The Faculty of Cultural Studies (FCS) Universitas Brawijaya (UB) Held The Closing Series of Fommunity Service Activities Kampung Sanan

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In the period of last three to four months, the Faculty of Cultural Studies (FCS) Universitas Brawijaya (UB) has conducted various community service activities in Kampung Sanan RW 15 Malang. These community service activities include online marketing training and journalistic training to promote Kampung Sanan tourism potency, English and Japanese language learning to welcome foreign tourists, Kampung Sanan's tour mapping, mural making on the walls along Kampung Sanan, making the icon of Kampung Sanan, and the handover of hydroponics plants for the society to make Kampung Sanan fresh. All of these activities aim to improve the infrastructure of Kampung Sanan to attract more tourists and visitors.

Sunday (11/26/2017), the closing series of events from community service activities was held. The event which was attended by the dean and lecturers of FCS UB, also the residents of Kampung Sanan started with the opening ceremony, speech by the Head of RW. 15 Ivan Kuncoro, Speech from Prof. Ir. Ratya Anindita, Ph.D. as the dean of FCS UB, and symbolic handover of Kampung Sanan icon in the form of tempe dolls, continued by sightseeing around Kampung Sanan to see the work of mural and the production of tempe chips. Furthermore, the dean and lecturers of FCS UB were welcomed with culinary made from tempe from the local residents.


According to the Head of RW 15, "In the future, we still need this kind of community service activities in Kampung Sanan, until this Kampung Sanan can be independent". There is still a lot of homework to be done for the realization of the Kampung Sanan to be more known around the world with its Tempe.

Community service activities are conducted to utilize of local potential. Kampung Sanan as tempe producers can be developed by improving its facilities to be nationally and internationally known. In addition to Kampung Sanan, FCS UB also conducts community service activities by accompanying the development of cultural tourism village in Gunungsari Village of Batu City, and Ngabab Village of Malang District. [MJW/DT/MSH/PSIK FIB/Humas UB]




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