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The FK UB Dean Candidates' Vision and Mission Delivery

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Monday (10/1), held in the auditorium of new building of Faculty of Medicine (FK UB), three dean candidates of  Faculty of Medicine describe their vision and mission along with the draft of their working program. In front of the academic civitas of FK, the three candidates were Dr. Dr. Karyono Mintaroem SpPA, Prof. Dr. dr. M Rasjad Indra MS, and Prof. Dr. dr. Noorhamdani U.S. SpMK. The event was moderated by Dr. Arif Alam.

The first candidate who conveyed his vision and mission was Dr. dr. Karyono Mintaroem SpPA. He proclaimed in his presentation to deliver FK UB into International Recognition. This vision, according to him, must involve all elements of Medical Faculty i.e., RSSA, Senate, Lecturers, Staffs, Students and Alumni.

Programs that are used to stimulate the project are HPEQ-PHK-PKPD. There are three areas inside them: recognition of education, recognition of research, medical education social responsibility (partnership), and corporate social responsibility. Recognition education that currently should be continued is the development based on international curriculum (WFME-education, ICN-nutrition, Cade-science of nursing). Recognition research such as by developing Central Biomedicine Lab. While this has been done SAA partnership with the Islamic University of Malang and Univ. Malahayati. "The successful development of medical education is also our success too," he said.

The second candidate is a professor of FK in physiology, Prof. Dr. dr. M Rasjad Indra MS who now serves as the head of Central Biomedicine Lab. He advanced by carrying his motto "Management Based on information technology as an effective and efficient means to accelerate achievement of the vision of FK UB." As stated that the recent problem of FK UB is on communication gap. He proposed a solution to develop information technology. As already done by dr Rasjad in Central Biomedicine lab. by applying remuneration, payment system, stock and cash monitoring.

This proposal got input from one of the participants, dr. Purwanto because it contains a weakness in the ontological approach which is only strong on the side of the epistemological and axiological. However, also proposed by dr. Purwanto to minimize them, made the priority areas that will be changed.

Last was the turn of Prof. Dr. dr. Noorhamdani AS SpMK. One of the highlights is the ideal ratio of lecturers and students. He stated that to maintain FK from having accreditation A and successfully  to get ISO, next year students admission quota is not increased but lowered. This is to maintain the quality of FK towards international standards.

The candidate who carries the motto "Together We're Better" will also target the Nursing and Nutrition program to get accreditation A with adequate S2 lecturers. He hopes that both programs can quickly grow and be prepared to be independent. This will support the development of Medical Department to go international.

Election, Today

As stated by the Committee Chairman of Dean Election dr. Muhammad Hanafi, MPH, today, Tuesday (11/1), elections will be held in two places: at FK UB and RSSA Ampi Room. Civitas Academica of FK who have the voting right can give their voices in one of these places. "Voters can tick in these two places. Later, the committee will coordinate each other," he said after the delivery of vision and mission, Monday (10/1).

The election results will be directly counted today and submitted to the Dean as the Head of Faculty Senate. At the faculty senate meeting, it will select two candidates to be submitted to the Rector as the Senate Chairman of the University. "According to the schedule, next week, it should get to the Rector," he said. [ai/aGw]

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