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Taking Advantage of Gewang Stem Content, Undana Lecturer Gets a Doctorate Degree from Faculty of Animal Husbandry

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Submit by dietodita on November 09, 2017 | Comment(s) : 0 | View : 1822

Edwina's dissertation examination
Edwina's dissertation examination
Gewang (Corypha utan Lamk.) is a kind of great and high palm tree grows in lowland areas. In Indonesia, the plant is many found in East Nusa Tenggara. For local residents, gewang tree has important roles in their life because almost all part of the tree can be utilized, such as stem, midrib, leaves, flower and fruit.

Empelur gewang can be processed to get its starch as flour for foodstuff. However, the Cendana University lecturer, Ir. Edwin J.L. Lazarus, MP use contents of gewang stem or commonly known as "putak" as a component of concentrate feed for livestock.

Putak is processed to become energy source as well as urea additional as nitrogen which can be a solution for the low quality of Balinese-cow feed in Timor island during the dry season. But the problem arises, namely the fast urea hydrolysis in rumen which causes inefficiency in its utilization. Therefore, a synchronization in putak is necessary through an autoclave in order to retard achievement on peak release of ammonia and so increasing its efficiency. A method to be applied is heating in autoclave at efinite temperature, pressure and time in order to produce urea that is released slowly.

A research, which is a requirement to get doctorate degree at Faculty of Animal Husbandry Brawijaya University, was divided into two subdivisions. The first research is studying in ULL (Urea that is released slowly) products from putak flour, putak starch and tapioca. Meanwhile the second research is conducted to evaluate N (Nitrogen) metabolism in Balinese Cow that obtain concentrate as supplement contains of ULL products.

Conclusion from the research is utilization of ULL products from putak flour autoclave with around 40% proportion of urea within the concentrate as feed supplement, is considered to be more efficient and effective to increase nitrogen metabolism and Balinese cow's productivity compared with a mixture of urea with putak-flour which is unless-autoclave.

A research that under supervision of a commission consisting Prof. Hendrawan Soetanto, Dr. Marjuki and Dr. Rurini Retnowati was titled "The use of ULL (Urea that is released slowly) based on Gewang (corypha utan lamk.) tree stem as components of feed concentrate and its impacts towards Balinese Cow metabolism". Took place in seminar room of building V, Edwin has accomplished an open dissertation final examination, Monday (06/Nov/2017). ). [dta/Humas UB/trans. Denok]






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