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TEP FTP Holds Training on Making Used Soap

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Pelatihan Membuat Sabun Berbahan Jelantah
Pelatihan Membuat Sabun Berbahan Jelantah
The Department of Agricultural Engineering, Faculty of Agricultural Technology, University of Brawijaya held a training on making soap made from used cooking oil on Monday (01/14/2019) in the laboratory of TEP Agriculture Product Processing Process.

The event presented speakers Heidy Sundari, S.Kom from the Jelantah4Change Forum and Proyek Sedekah Jelantah Malang. The training was attended by around 30 lecturers of Agricultural Engineering.

In his presentation, Heidy Sundari explained that used cooking oil contains carcinogenic compounds, which occur during the frying process so that its sustainable use can damage human health, cause cancer to pollute the environment. Therefore, proper handling is needed so that waste cooking oil can be beneficial for the environment and health, one of which is through the manufacture of bar soap.

Soap is a mixture of fatty acids and alkalis which go through the saponfication process. Each oil has a description of SAP value (saponification value) or the amount of alkali needed to convert oil into soap. Even the process of making soap made from used cooking oil is relatively simple.

"We only have to put used cooking oil that we have filtered and weigh it into a soda soda solution little by little while stirring it with a wooden spoon until it thickens. We can also add lime or other natural ingredients as fragrances. In addition to removing used fishy odor, we can also use pandanus water or coffee water in making soda soda solution. Pour this oil and soda ash solution mixture into the mold and leave it for 3-4 days before packing and ready to use. It should be noted not to use aluminum-based equipment because it will react with soda ash, "he explained. (UB Public Relations)



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