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TANIA, Mobile Education App for Farmers

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Submit by dinaoktavia on November 12, 2018 | Comment(s) : 0 | View : 1218

TANIA's initiator team
TANIA's initiator team
A country's capability to meet food needs for its people is an important factor to determine a country's food sovereignty. However, Indonesia is still dealing with some constraints to achieve the food sovereignty. Indonesia via Bulog (Badan Urusan Logistik/Logistics Agency) always lack of rice supply during the harvest. Therefore, food crop imports occupy 74% out of total import by the government. While imports of livestock, horticulture, and plantation are around 8% up to 9%. Import dependency is a problem that recurs every year. Problems of the greater increasing foodstuffs demand actually can be overcome with improvement of farmer quality regionally and the use of modern agricultural technology.

Therefore, three Computer Science students of Brawijaya University creates a mobile application that can educate the homeland farmers. The application is named as TANIA which is abbreviated from Asisten Pertanian Anda (Your Farming Assistant). The students are Kristina Lely Liana (Information System/2016), Muhammad Abdan Mulia (Informatics Engineering/2015) and RR Dea Annisayanti Putri (Informatics Engineering/2015). TANIA is designed to be operated at android devices 4.3 version minimally (Jelly Bean). The application is created in two versions including for farmers and farm agents. The farmer refers to land owners or farmers who work on agricultural land. Meanwhile farm agent refers to agricultural experts who know to cultivate the land and overcome agricultural problems.

For farmers, TANIA application has some useful features to help farmers to know the types of good food crops to cultivate, to know the procedures for farming which can increase productivity, do consultations if there are some agricultural problems to deal with and see agricultural information via farmers' forum. Meanwhile for farmer agent, in TANIA application there is a feature to see the latest agricultural information through the farmer forum, answering the farmers' complaint and see a list of assisted land.

With this application, it is expected that farmers can increase their food production and reducing the possibility of crop failure. By the presence of TANIA, Indonesia which is an agricultural country with 60 million hectares of agricultural land is expected capable of increasing its production result so that it can meet domestic food needs and achieve food self-efficiency.

TANIA has brought Kristina Lely along with her team in the most prestigious Information Technology competition in nationwide, named as GEMASTIK (Pagelaran Mahasiswa Nasional Bidang Teknologi Informasi dan Komunikasi/National student performance in Information Technology and Communication) 20018 for three days (1-4/Nov/2018) in Surabaya. In the event organized by Ministry of Research Technology and Higher Education, TANIA was awarded with Gold Medal in Software Development category. [dna/Humas UB/trans. Denok]




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