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Swiss Bell Inn General Manager Urges Brawijaya University Students to Increase Their Soft Skills

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Submit by oky_dian on May 15, 2018 | Comment(s) : 0 | View : 1059

General Manager Swiss Bell Inn Malang Gunawan Tri Darma urged all Brawijaya University students especially Tourism Business and Hospitality Department Vocational Program so as they have expertise on foreign language, mastery of technology and computerized. Thus as he said in a guest lecturer entitled The Enormous Career in the Hospitality Industry.

Such mastery is required to anticipate the occurrence of industrial revolution 4.0 and AFTA. "Recently hospitality business world has started to reduce their employee because the entire are replaced by technology. For example, Swiss Bell Inn Hotel currently has started to order check in process machine. It means that reception officer can no longer be needed," GUnawan said.

Gunawan added, technology advancement as current also make it easier for the community to order hotel. There are many applications such as Traveloka and Agoda which is able to have reservation only via a mobile phone.

"In industrial revolution 4.0, there is a system transparency which is when we open, the mobile phone can directly connected to all the world. Industrial Revolution 4.0 is also marked with artificial intelligent," he said.

AI is an artificial intelligence developed since there is a computer in the world. The outline is capability of artificial stuffs to think logic and compute an order.

"So if you are not ready since now and has no soft skills the industrial revolution 4.0 can be a threat because it is disruptive technology," he said.

Recently the world is entering industrial revolution 4.0. this generation industrial revolution is marked with the emergence of supercomputer, smart robots, internet and big data.

Meanwhile, Head of Tourism at Department of Culture and Tourism Malang City Dra. Anirahmawiyati, M.Si mentioned that hospitality business needs large of human resources because besides as a tourism city, Malang City is also an industrial and educational city.

Gunawan Tri Darma and Anirahmawati are speakers at a guest lecture entitled Enormous Career Hospitality Industry. The guest lecture is a practice course on conference management which is taught by students of Hospitality Management 2016.

The event was organized to know opportunities and challenges to have career in hospitality world.

"The guest lecture was organized to know the format of education which will be made? Thus university can implement human resources who are competent and ready to work," said Head of Hospitality Management at Educational Education Brawijaya University A. Faidlal Rahman, SE. pAR., M.Sc. [Oky Dian/Humas UB/trans. Denok]



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