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Study Comparative Visit by Study Program of Informatics Engineering of Trunojoyo University

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FILKOM Dean accepted the visit of Unijoyo delegates
FILKOM Dean accepted the visit of Unijoyo delegates
Aims for a comparative study, leaders along with lecturers of Study Program of Informatics Engineering of Trunojoyo (Unijoyo) University Madura visited Faculty of Computer Science of Brawijaya University (FILKOM UB) on Friday (21/Jul/2017). Achmad Jauhari, Head of Bachelor Program on Informatics Engineering of Trunojoyo University along with the team properly accepted by Filkom UB Dean Wayan Firdaus Mahmudy, S.Si., M.T., PhD and Principal boards of FILKOM also Heads of Study Programs, Secretaries of Study Programs and Head of Quality Assurance Cluster.

In his remarks, Achmad Jauhari delivered that FILKOM was chosen as the destination because it is considered that in short time it could grow faster in terms of numbers of applicants, students, achievements and learning supporting-infrastructures. Therefore Study Program of Informatics Engineering of Unijoyo wants to gain knowledge on strategy to develop a study program or faculty optimally. Recently Informatics Engineering at Unijoyo is a study program under the supervision of Faculty of Engineering. The areas of interest offered including (1) Distributed systems, (2) Information System and Software Enginering, (3) Computation and Intelligent System, and (4) Multimedia system.

Meanwhile FILKOM officially became a faculty since 2016. FILKOM was the 15th faculty out of 15 faculties at Brawijaya University. Until recently it has 5,000 students with average new admissions annually reach 1,000 students. Nevertheless, for service optimization, in accordance with Brawijaya University's instruction, numbers of student admissions in 2017 were declined into 750 ones. General description on FILKOM delivered by the Dean Wayan F. Mahmudy and was explained in detailed afterwards by Vice Dean I on Academic Affairs Ir. Heru Nurwarsito, M.Kom.

"Honestly FILKOM's rapid growth is not apart from Brawijaya University name which attached on FILKOM. Since Brawijaya University always in 4th or 5th rank best Indonesian universities. It attracts public interests and trusts to study here," Wayan explained.

In addition, FILKOM also shared information on quality assurance system of educational system which in the occasion delivered by Rekyan Regasari Mardi Putri, S.T., M.T. as Head of FILKOM's Quality Assurance Cluster. Explained that everything related with quality assurance at FILKOM actually largely been coordinated by Brawijaya University Quality Assurance Unit, since FILKOM is a faculty at Brawijaya University. Once a year Brawijaya University will organize a Quality Internal Audit at each faculty and working unit. In addition, the faculty itself also organized an internal audit in the existing study program three times a year routinely.

"This quality assurance is very important to maintain quality of educational service. It should be remembered and understood that quality assurance is not merely means preparing accreditation documents, but rather on evaluation on everything that has been done. For then the result is used as a recommendation in further decision making," Rekyan explained.

The visit was then pursued with an interesting discussion on many questions which delivered by delegates of Bachelor Program of Informatics Engineering of Trunojoyo University. It was Expected that a meeting between these both educational institutions can give huge benefits for each, and so can become a driver of a better way on educational development in Indonesia. [Humas Filkom/Humas UB/trans. Denok]





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