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Students of Fakulti Pertanian Jabatan Sains Haiwan UPM Visit Faculty of Animal Husbandry

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Animal Husbnadry students of UPM visit UB
Animal Husbnadry students of UPM visit UB
Postgraduate students from Department of Animal Husbandry Fakulti Pertanian Jabatan Sains Haiwan, Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) visited Faculty of Animal Husbandry Brawijaya University, on Thursday (12/Apr/2018). The visit was in the frame of study tour which is an annual agenda to visit overseas universities as well as livestock industry.

Took place in the main room of Building V, the 26 student entourage and a supervisor were welcomed by Prof. Suyadi (the Dean), Dr. marjuki (Division of International Partnerships Affairs), Dr. Agus Susilo (Chairman of Undergraduate Program), and Hasieb Andrian (President of Student's Executive Agency).

The chance was introduced to introduce each of the faculties and student institutions. There was also a sharing about livestock in Indonesia and Malaysia.

In the visit, Prof. Suyadi explained programs at Faculty of Animal Husbandry Brawijaya University, such as regular undergraduate program, English-speaking class, international class, SAP (Seleksi Alih Program/Selection on switching the program), semester credit, advanced studies at master's and doctoral program, research for final thesis and double degree program.

Meanwhile, President of Student's Executive Agency, Hasieb Andrian presented students' institutional bodyat the faculty like Student's Executive Agency (BEM), Student Councils (DPM) and Student Activities Units (UKM). The institutions facilitate students in organization training as well as advancing creativity to improve non-academic achievements.

Division of International Partnership Affairs Dr. Marjuki mentioned that livestock in Indonesia is no longer a stand-alone business yet sustainable with other professions like agriculture as well as cattle waste processing. While in Malaysia cattle waste is not utilized yet. However, poultry livestock system especially chicken is much more modern so its productivity value is higher than Indonesia.

Therefore he expected in the future there will be a student and lecturer exchange to learn each other on farming system thus will able to increase livestock in each of the countries.

After the meeting, the neighboring country entourage visited a farm hall in Batu City and Singosari, as well as travelling to Bromo Mountain. [dta/Humas UB/trans. Denok]




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