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Sri Mulyani: Education to Develop Qualified Human Resources

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Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani gives orasion in Brawijaya University's anniversary
Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani gives orasion in Brawijaya University's anniversary
The importance of maintaining the momentum of economic improvement is one of the things that can prosper the community. Thus as said by Minister of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia Sri Mulyani Indrawati, SE, MS, PhD when delivered oration in Brawijaya University Senate's open meeting, Friday (05/Jan/2017) in Samantha Krida building.

There are several buffer pillars in economic area, such as human resources development. Human resources is the main pillar which is considered to be very vital in buffering the country's economic and finance.

The roles of education are not out of its relation from human resources quality.

Mentioned by Sri Mulyani, some efforts to improve human resources quality are such as through Hopefulness Family Program and Indonesia Pintar (Smart Indonesia) with age target 6-21 years old to improve Indonesian education.

In addition, since 2009, in accordance with constitutional mandate, the government have been allocating 20% of its budget for education.

In 2018, State Budget for education is increased to be 444.1 trillion rupiahs. The third effort is establishing Educational Fund Management Institution aimed for Indonesian citizens in form of scholarship for master and doctoral program.

"With the number reached 18.466 counted to November 2017, the program is expected to generate qualified human resources for Indonesian development," said Sri Mulyani.

In Brawijaya University itself, currently there are 304 LPDP scholarship awardees. Through the scholarship is expected to produce young generations who are advanced, innovative, and confident to challenge technology flow.

"I want Brawijaya University academic communities to oversee, support and collaborate in developing a nation that is fair, prosperous and dignified," she said.

She also expected that Brawijaya University and other colleges to be a proud asset of the Republic of Indonesia in developing human resources and keeping the momentum of Indonesian economy. [Afwega/Humas UB/trans. Denok]




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