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Souljah in Brawijaya Law Music Fest 2013

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Submit by humas3 on June 27, 2013 | Comment(s) : 0 | View : 3430

The performance of Souljah captivates the audiences in BLMF
The performance of Souljah captivates the audiences in BLMF

The more developed of Homeband Faculty of Law Universitas Brawijaya (FHUB) on Friday (21/6), Homeband FHUB cooperated with BEM FHUB to hold Brawijaya Law Music Festival (BLMF) which was located in Gazebo Universitas Brawijaya. On this event, the committee presented Souljah to enliven a music festival which was firstly held by Homeband FHUB.

BLMF itself has been done on 2 June 2013 for qualification. On this process, there were 25 bands from East Java showed their abilities to get to the Grand Final which was for 10 Finalists. “The concept is simple, this event is a competition and at the same time as a place for our friends who had the potential in music and to introduce them to the Homeband of Faculties if Homeband FHUB exists,” explained Garuda Cakti, as the show section of BLMF.

Souljah is chosen by the Committee of BLMF because the basis of Souljah in Malang is a lot and the large number of requests from the fans of Souljah. Therefore, in order that their idol can come in a music event in Malang. The request of Souljah’s fans is paid by the amazing performance of Danar and friends to anesthetize hundreds of audiences in Gazebo. [dimas/translated by agung]


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