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Slamet Thohari: Asian Para Games Voicing Inclusiveness of the Persons with Disabilities

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Submit by prasetyafisip on October 05, 2018 | Comment(s) : 0 | View : 798

Slamet Tohari
Slamet Tohari
Sports are indeed should be ours without any exceptions and any boundaries. This is proved with the organizing of Asian Para Games 2018 in Indonesia which was carried out in 6-13 October 2018. The event organizing also indicates that athletes with disabilities get similar treatment in Indonesia.

Slamet Thohari, a lecturer at Sociology Department, Faculty of Social and Political Science Brawijaya University delivered that disability entry to enjoy the atmosphere of sport competition event is not only for the first time.

The word "Para" comes from Greek which refers to "the other side". The sport competition is not to discriminate but giving appropriate portion and more appreciative with disabilities and assuming disabilities is equal to non-disabled. Slamet Thohari regretted if Asian Para Games 2018 places disabilities as "the object of inspiration".

"The root of disabilities as inspiration, if it is traced, is a viewpoint that persons with disabilities are weak creatures and having disabilities. So, when persons with disabilities do things commonly do by non-disabled, then they will look special," said Slamet.

Asian Para Games should colours to people to accept differences. The event can voice inclusiveness for persons with disabilities, to educate that disability is not part of differences in the society. [02/Fariza/Humas FISIP/trans. Denok]



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