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SKK Migas Greets FT-UB Student

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Upstream Oil and Gas Goes to Campus 2017
Upstream Oil and Gas Goes to Campus 2017
With the headline of "Upstream Oil and Gas Goes to Campus 2017", SKK Migas (Special Unit for Oil and Gas) gives a Public lecture to more than 150 students of Engineering Faculty UB across the majors and force. Located at the 6th-floor Auditorium of Industrial Engineering Building (TI), Monday (20/11/2017), Head of Facilities & Finance Division SKK Migas  ; Sapta Nugraha, and Senior Manager of Corporate Affairs & Administration of Petronas; Andiono Setiawan, are present as the main speaker.

Before the event started, the Department of IT as the host first provides Standard Safety Briefing for the evacuation of the building for all participants delivered by Suluh Elman Swara, ST., MT. In addition, to warm the atmosphere of Public Lecture, Faizal Sandra Samjaya and Enissita Ninditya perform a music entertainment. Both are students of IT Department class of 2014 often represent UB to get Achievement in the field of singing in several regional competitions.

Dean of Faculty of Engineering Dr. Ir. Pitojo Tri Juwono, MT attends and greets the presenters and participants of the guest lecture. Together with the dean, Muhammad Aziz Muslim, ST., MT., Ph.D., Ishardita Pambudi Tama, ST., MT., Ph.D, and Ir . Bambang Poerwadi, MS. Each is the Chairman of the Department of Electrical Engineering (TE), Industrial Engineering (TI) and Chemical Engineering (tekkim).

In his speech, the Dean expects this Public Lecture can be a bridge between upstream oil and gas industry with students. The lecturer of Department of Irrigation Engineering also expressed his enthusiasm for the deeper cooperation between FT-UB and SKK Migas mainly for student internship program, alumni recruitment, and research for the lecturer.

"The presence of SKK oil and gas to our campus is an exciting event. Students, take advantage of this opportunity to explore the knowledge from the experts present today. Our country needs breakthrough and optimization in the field of Energy and Oil and Gas! "Dean said closing his speech.

Lecture Sessions

In the Lecture session, Oyong Novareza, ST., MT., Ph.D, a lecturer of the Department of IT served as Moderator. The First presentation entitled "Upstream Oil and Gas Industry Development" was presented by Sapta Nugraha from SKK Migas. Sapta Nugraha creates an interactive atmosphere with the participants by providing door prize for students who can answer the questions given.

Furthermore, he describes the technical aspects that can be explored by the students if they want to work in this industry, including any areas related to the related engineering majors. Sapta consistently motivates students majoring in engineering to get into the oil and gas industry. Various potentials of Upstream Oil and Gas development in Indonesia are described comprehensively.

“All of you here (Students, red) is a Potential Work Force for the next five to ten years. I invite you to contribute from the knowledge you get on campus to apply in the oil and gas industry in energy independency of Indonesia! "He said.

Stepping on to the second material, Andiono Setiawan from Petronas invites the students to first watch a video of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) activities conducted by Petronas. This Video is Continuous with the material provided on the contribution of the Oil and Gas Industry as an economic generator in the exploration area.

The graduate of Civil Engineering also describes the Exploration aspect and upstream oil and gas industries owned by Petronas in Indonesia. Deeper, Andiono also explains in detail the technical exploration used by Petronas. He expects that the explanations presented can open the insights of students interested in oil and gas to be able to deepen the specific science fields required in this industry.

"The opportunity to develop technology in order to optimize the industry is still very wide. Who knows one of you who present here today, can contribute their brilliant idea for the oil and gas industry optimization someday!, "He concluded.

In line with the enthusiasm of the speakers, the attendees were also enthusiastically responsive in the question and answer session. Questions related to the specifications of Engineering aspects and professional opportunities for each department in the Engineering Faculty become popular topic discussed. In addition, the question of the development of other more sustainable energy sources is also an interesting topic discussed.

In the last session the moderator still give a surprise; it happens to be that the presenters prepared rewards for the best 3 questions. Tufair from TE, Rehan from TI, and Ismail from TE were awarded three Oil and Gas Industry Themed books published by SKK Migas and Petronas. Public Lecture SKK Migas Roadshow 2017 and then followed by Momento handover Session from SKK Migas and Petronas for FT-UB and vice versa handover of Souvenir of appreciation from FT to these two oil and gas institute. (emis/Humas UB)








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