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UB’s Reyog Attracts Visitors at ITM 2019

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Pertunjukan Reyog UB di ITM 2019
Pertunjukan Reyog UB di ITM 2019

Reyog Universitas Brawijaya (UB) performs at the opening of the International Tourism Fair of Madagascar (ITM) on (13/6/2019).

At ITM 2019, KBRI in Indonesia was appointed as a committee by the Ministry of Tourism of Madagascar. The activity was attended by the Prime Minister, Minister of Tourism, Minister of Transportation and foreign ambassadors.

the enthusiasm of the audience was seen from the visit to the educational exhibition stand ub

the reyog players became a companion of WR3 and IOUB director at UB's education stand after the performance.

The enthusiasm of visitors is not only seen from the interest of Reyog ponorogo art, but also the educational programs offered by UB.

Reyog UB will hold a cultural parade at the closing of ITM on Sunday (06/16/2019) which will be attended by the President of Madagascar.

Indonesia was chosen as the honorary guest of ITM 2019 which was held for four days (13 / 6-16 / 6/2019). In order to promote Indonesian culture, the Indonesian Embassy in Antavario appointed Reyog UB. [Translated by Chika]

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