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Reyog Brawijaya Champion 25th 2018 National Ponorogo Festival

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From left to right: Dr. Eng . Denny Widhiyanuriyawan (coach), Afwan Hajar Rosyid Permana, M. Bayu Aji (instructor)
From left to right: Dr. Eng . Denny Widhiyanuriyawan (coach), Afwan Hajar Rosyid Permana, M. Bayu Aji (instructor)
Reyog Brawijaya re-makes achievement at national level. The dancer team consisted of 55 Brawijaya University students grabbed General Champion Award in 2018 25th National Festival of Reyog Ponorogo. The annual event organized by Department of Tourism Affairs Ponorogo District was re-organized by name Grebeg Suro 2018 contained of art and traditional performance as an implementation of the people's party for five days (6-10/Sep/2018) at main hall of Alun-Alun Ponorogo.

Afwan Hajar Rosyid as Chairman of Reyg Brawijaya was very grateful for the team's achievement.

"We have prepared long before. We also routinely do exercises for 2018 25th national competition of Reyog Ponorogo. Around January we have started to process," he explained.

Brawijaya University Reyog
Brawijaya University Reyog
The team's hard work paid off with taking awards, such as the first rank for the best performer, the music arranger, and the best dance arranger. The achievements made them as the general champion.

Last year, Reyog Ponorogo also championed the similar competition by achieving the first position.

In 25th 2018 national festival of Reyog Ponorogo, the team packed their performance by innovating groove work, composition of the floor pattern, music and combination of motion. In addition to dancers, Reyog Brawijaya also presented a production team consisted of 25 students.

Also attended the festival, Prof. Dr. Ir. Arief Prajitno, MS as Vice Rector on Student Affairs, Vice Deans at faculties, as well as Reyog Brawijaya coach. The 25th 2018 National Festival of Reyog Ponorogo was followed by participants from level of Senior High School/Vocational High School until public.

"Me myself hope Reyog Brawijaya remains solid, passionate, unite for the alma mater, and become a developer as well as cultural conservationist at international level," Afwan added. He also expected Reyog Brawijaya can compete at international level. [Afwega/Humas UB/trans. Denok] 



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