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Research Group on Broiler Cattle at Faculty of Animal Husbandry Visit Assisted Village in Tuban

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Broiler cattle researchers visit coached village in Tuban
Broiler cattle researchers visit coached village in Tuban
A research group on broiler cattle at Faculty of Animal Husbandry Brawijaya University visited five villages in Palang Sub-District, Tuban Regency on Thursday (29/Nov/2018). The event is in order to socialize results on activities in 2018 as a collaboration follow up with Bank Indonesia East Java Province.

This year, the broiler cattle research centre had a coaching and mentoring to the cattle groups on Artificial Insemination Program to get male twins cattle and feed crops planting program.

Prof. Trinil Susilawati as the team leader mentioned the activities' results indicated a high success rate. In addition, community attention is also great in feed crop planting program. Tuban Regency is the best one in artificial insemination absorption and pregnancy success. Thus the future plan is creating the regency as a bark cow in Indonesia.

However, feed carrying capacity analysis indicates that in most sub-districts of Tuban Regency are still lack of forage, both from waste and grass. Therefore in order to realize Tuban Regency as a cow barn, additional feed source is necessary. By means of carrying out a feed crop planting in each of land that is not utilized. As well as using agricultural waste to provide additional technology in form of silage, fermentation, and urea molasis block.

In the occasion, the team also had a visit to some locations of the source of feed plants and twin cow produced from artificial insemination program. [Nien/Dita/Humas UB/trans. Denok]





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