Public Speaking Workshop

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A public speaking workshop at Faculty of Agricultural Technology
A public speaking workshop at Faculty of Agricultural Technology
English Service Unit of Faculty of Agricultural Technology (ULBI/Unit Layanan Bahasa Inggris) Universitas Brawijaya held a workshop of Public Speaking on Tuesday (14/02/2017) at FTP Hall starting from 08.00 am.

This workshop will give the participants, which is 50 FTP Lecturers, the importance of communication especially public speaking. It also includes how we start to deliver our presentation, because most of speakers do not know how to start presentation appropriately. Not only how good to be great, this Public Speaking Workshop that trained by a professional trainer and motivator Tino Salim, SS., and the expert from Cendekia Bina Aksara Malang, Hans Lucas and Arius Jaya Putra Nusantara, ST., SPd also explained the areas in non-verbal languages which must be avoided during the presentation. These areas are commonly done by most of speakers.

To be a good speaker, it is better to avoid eye dart, distracting mannerisms, low energy. data dumping, lack of pauses and not tailoring the message to the audience. Another important thing to be a good speaker is by knowing the audiences. Who are they? Distinguishing general from specific audiences is useful. A general audience is everyone who will hear the speech or read the paper. A specific audience, on the other hand, is that subset of the general audience who the speaker particularly wants to reach, or to reach in a different way than the rest of the group.

In an audience with varying degrees of knowledge on a subject, for instance, a speaker might want to pitch their comments primarily to non-experts.

Good Speaker also needs to improve their English very well. Just find a partner, talk to yourself, have fun with it, listen and watch people talk, dive in and so you have made the pledge. At the final section, the participants practice what they have learned because this is very important to increase what has been good. [dse/Humas UB]



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