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Prof. Fatchiyah Becomes an Honorable Speaker at International Conference on Obesity and Weight Loss

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Award for Fatchiyah was given by Prof Cristiana Lucretia Pop
Award for Fatchiyah was given by Prof Cristiana Lucretia Pop
Director of Biosains Institute Brawijaya University Prof. Fatchiyah, M.Kes., PhD was invited as an honorable speaker in an International Conference on Obesity in Monday-Wednesday (6-8/Nov/2017) in Barcelona, Spain.

Prof. Fatchiyah who also a Chairwoman in the first day of the conference delivered her research result during the last three days in a theme of "The Biological Function of the Bioactive Peptide of Alpha-S2 Casein Goat Milk Prevent AGEs and RAGE Interaction in Cellular Mechanism".

In her presentation, she explained that nutrition, interaction, life style and genetic factors modulate human's molecular pathways in related to the development of chronic diseases. The composition of healthy nutrition can reduce diseases like cardiovascular, obesity, and diabetes mellitus type 2 because it fixes mechanism disorder of molecular signaling.

AGEs provides new targets for diabetes treatment. Hyperglycemia is abnormal high level of blood glucose (blood sugar levels). Among irreversible changes occurred due to hyperglycemia is AGE formation through reaction between sugar and free amino group in protein, lipid and nucleic acids. AGE reacts with its receptor (RAGEs) to induce oxidative stress.

"In the latest study, we find local goat protein CSN1S2 has eight peptide residues contains of seven up to twelve suggested amino acids to reveal multifunction characteristics," said Prof. Fatchiyah.

The goals to be achieved in diabetes management is prevention or controlling β pancreas cell damage, prevention of function loss, and reducing complication.

The research uses control mice and diabetes model which given additional protein of CSN1S2 PE Goat milk and afterwards was analyzed its physiological character, protein expression and in-silico analysis.

Research result indicates that weight gain and some organ weight decrease in DM-750 mg/kg CSN1S2 protein compared with DM groups. 41-47 CSN1S2 fragment has inhibitor interaction activities with Argypirimidine-RAGE.

In the other side, CSN1S2 214-221 fragment also able to inhibit arginin 221 residue of the peptide. The result indicates that Caprine CSN1S2 peptide can take biological function as competitive inhibitor of AGE and RAGE interaction which can disturbing cellular mechanism and decreasing signal transduction bands in cell level.

International Conference on Obesity and Weight Loss brings towards the latest platform to discuss and discuss all innovation regarding obesity and weight problems. International Obesity Conference is meeting of experts, professionals, academicians and researchers all over the world. Obesity becomes a serious attention because it is associated with results of poor mental health, decreased quality of life and the main cause of death around the globe, including diabetes, heart disease, stroke and several types of cancer. [Fatchiyah/Humas UB/trans. Denok]






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