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Post Graduate Program UB Held Discussion Strategy The Achievement of Indicators Regional Development

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Prof. Dr. Ir. Didik J Rachbini
Prof. Dr. Ir. Didik J Rachbini
The University of Brawijaya Postgraduate Program (PPS UB) held a guest lecture. This event invited speakers from the Chair of the Institute for Economic and Social Research, Education and Information (LP3ES) Prof. Dr. Ir. Didik J Rachbini entitled Strategy to Accelerate Achievement of Regional Development Indicators in UB Coffe, on Wednesday, January 2 2019.

In his presentation, he criticized the mindset of economists who tend to have intellectual arrogance and only think efficiency.

According to him, an economist who has intellectual arrogance in practice many fail.

He gave an example that an economist with an efficiency mindset fails when implementing a modern irrigation system for rural communities.

"I gave an example that an economist came to a village and changed the traditional irrigation network system to a modern one which was considered more efficient. It turned out to be a failure in implementation. Why? Because he forgot the decades of culture, customs, norms and rules of the game. run by the surrounding community, "he said.

In the Public Lecturers Series, Didik added, it was hoped that later graduates would be able to effective and efficient through their knowledge. If moving in writing or the media, convey it through constructive criticisms.

In addition, Postgraduate students are also expected to be able to increase mutual trust which is social capital.

In addition to trust, good social capital includes trust, norms and networks can improve community efficiency by facilitating coordinated actions.

"One of the functions of social capital is to reduce transaction costs such as bribes or extortion," said Didik.

Vice Director of the Fadillah Putra Postgraduate Program, Dr., S. Sos., M.Sc., M.Paff said that the discussion this time was aimed at introducing a new form of academic activity.

According to him, so far people tend to see academic activities only from research and journal writing.

"Even though the form of discussion is like this, even though it is relaxed, it also has value and enhances academic reputation," said Fadillah. [Oky Dian / Humas UB]


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