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Political Science Students Champion the National Debate Contest

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Political Science students champion a national debate contest in UNEJ
Political Science students champion a national debate contest in UNEJ
Two students who registered on Study Program of Political Science of Faculty of Social and Political Science of Brawijaya University namely Ikhwanul Ma'arif Harahap and Wahyu Purnomo Aji succeeded to bring home the main trophy in a national debate event "Agribusiness Fair" at State Polytechnic of Jember on 5th May 2017.

Both strive to move forward to the final round competed from 12 selected teams. "While talking, we tried hard to integrate our discussion substance with comprehensive data, and so our talks could be more weighted, in addition we also maintain our attitude with the interlocutors, although attitude is not included in judges' assessment criteria," Ikhwan explained. He added that in the competition, attitude is important, it aims to make us remained to be able to appreciate the interlocutors when we were talked, by not degrading or mocking opponents, such positive ethics should remained to be exist in a competition.

Previously, several times Ikhwan and Wahyu were involved in debate competitions. "I once joined in an English debate, but the system is different with system in Bahasa debate that I joined several days ago," Wahyu explained. His colleague, Ikhwan confessed that a national debate they championed last week applied British Parliamentary, namely there are 4 teams consists of 2 people on each round. Afterwards, 2 teams represented the government and 2 others represented opponents.

Both students known as participants who have selected from dozens of teams who registered online. When asked, Ikhwan replied that he had no ideas on anything about agribusiness. "Our basic is not from Agribusiness major, so we only prepared what it is for the theme to be determined tomorrow," Ikhwanul explained when interviewed on Monday (22/05/2017).

During the debate competition, both got a theme on "Agribusiness Revolution" which made them confused. All participants in the competition were known that they just had the theme when they already sat in the competition arena also each team were given 15 minutes time for case building.

"We got difficulties in several themes which we do not much understand but we were benefited from our position as Closing Government (CG) and Closing Opposition (CO) in the competition session," said Wahyu. He presented that it is a great luck for the participants when being placed in a closing position. "As participants remained merely to emphasize points submitted by the previous teams and added them," he explained further.

Known that the four entered final round along with three other teams from State University of Jember (UNEJ), Airlangga University and Brawijaya University (delegations from Faculty of Economics and Business). Whereas marking criteria from the board of jury in the debate competition were manner, method, matter. The three became important foundations when speakers want to deliver their arguments.

When asked about impressions and messages, Wahyu mentioned that he had not expected to grab the first champion the competition. "Certainly it is beyond words for my colleague and I, I can learn lots of things, got new knowledge and new friends," he said with a big smile when interviewed in the courtyard of Building A, Faculty of Social and Political Science, Brawijaya University. [Anata/Humas FISIP/Humas UB/trans. Denok]





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