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Participants of the Autonomous Selection of Vocational Education Increase Significantly

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Submit by denok on July 25, 2018 | Comment(s) : 0 | View : 1267

BCA delegates assess SMPV participants at banking program
BCA delegates assess SMPV participants at banking program
Autonomous selection of Vocational Education (SMPV) Brawijaya University for academic year 2018/2019 was held on Wednesday (25/Jul/2018). SMPV is intended for selecting potential prospective students in intermediate expert program and applied undergraduate program.

As many as three areas of interests in two programs are offered for applied undergraduate program, namely hotel management program and graphic design program. Meanwhile for intermediate expert program there 12 areas of interests offered in three programs including office administration, finance and banking as well as information technology.

This year SMPV was followed by 2,679 participants, increased significantly than a year before around 1,549 participants. Related to this, Head of Vocational Program Dr. Ir. Darmawan Octo Sucipto, M.Si admitted his party picked up the ball. The lecturer at Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Science explained, every year his party hold an event so-called Kreanomi (Innovation and Economy Creation) by inviting Senior High School students. In addition to students, his party also invited DUDI (Dunia Usaha dan Dunia Industri/business and industrial world) in order to see directly the work of lecturers and students.

DUDI was also involved in current SMPV. Numbers of Bank Central Asia (BCA) delegates seemed to be in the Faculty of Administrative Science building which is the venue for areas of banking interest participants. This interest is also recorded to reach the highest participants up to 735 ones.

Gatot Mubandrio, a BCA pensioner who is now conjunct to be a lecturer at Banking Program, become one of the judges in the selection. He delivered, with DUDI involvement in the selection, his party can get quality candidates to be employed in the bank. "Working in a bank is like military, everything is discipline all-round and no jobs are postponed," he said. Two assessment criteria which become additional recommendation for participants to be admitted in banking vocational programs are discipline and performance.

Prospective students who are qualified for SMPV will join in the lecture at vocational program in higher portion of practice. Delivered by Darmawan, practice percentage is higher reach up to 70% compared with theory which is only 30%. According to the direction of Ministry of Research Technology and Higher Education, lectures in the vocational program follow the 321 principles namely 3 semesters in campus, 2 semesters in DUDI and 1 semester for thesis. "During the lecture they have been mentally trained as requested by DUDI," he said. Darmawan who is also active as a supervisor at Indonesia Vocational Higher Education Institution Forum mentioned that DUDI demands alumni who is ready to use in criteria such as good attitude, high work ethic and innovative. "Every year we share curriculum together with DUDI," he said. Even, some of them who are still at college such as areas of banking and hotel interests are already booked. "World of hospitality ask for student quota is added as more and more hotels in the Greater Malang are established," he affirmed.

Similar things also delivered by Gatot Mubadrio. Valuable opportunities which can be used by participants according to him is when doing field practice or apprenticeship in DUDI. Moreover, banking is among the most stringent in accepting intern students. "Students are not allowed to directly enter the system. They are only allowed for activities outside of banking secreacy," he affirmed. Therefore, banking simulation is already given when they are at college such as BCA mini banking which is already exist in Brawijaya University vocational program. "When there is an opportunity for apprenticeship or field practice, make the most of it possible because at that time DUDI sees directly performance of the student in question. If necessary position yourself as an employee," advised Gatot who teach Banking Introduction and International Trading at UB Vocational Banking Program.

Different from a year before, at current SMPV there was a drawing test to directly see capabilities of prospective students in Graphic Design major. Lecturers and practitioners are involved in the current drawing test.

Today's exam material was general knowledge by involving 268 supervisors either Brawijaya University lecturers or administration staffs. Enrolled students will be announced on 28 July 2018. ]Denok/Humas UB/trans. Denok]



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