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PTN-BH Safari by Academic Senate into Three Universities

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A visit to IPB
A visit to IPB
With regard to Brawijaya University's plan to convert its status from BLU (Badan Layanan Umum/Public Service Agency) into PTN-BH (Perguruan Tinggi Negeri Berbadan Hukum/Autonomous Public University), Brawijaya University's academic senate had a visit to three universities in Indonesia including Bogor Agricultural University, University of Indonesia and University of North Sumatera. The first visit was carried out to Bogor Agricultural University on 10 December 2018.

The team was led by Chairman of Academic Senate Prof. Dr. Ir. Arifin, MS accompanied by Secretary Prof. Iwan Triyuwono, SE., Ak., M.Ec., PhD (Faculty of Economics and Business), as well as Heads of Commissions and their secretaries.

From Bogor Agricultural University (IPB), they were welcomed by Its Chairman of Academic Senate Prof. Dr. Tridoyo Kusumastanto. In his remarks, Prof. Arifin delivered the team's purpose to learn IPB's progress after they have a status as autonomous public university. Especially in related with its condition after they have a status as an autonomous public university as well as academic senate position. Chairman of IPB's senate in the dialogue initiated his presentation with organizational structure, especially related to governance system there.

A visit to Ui Senate
A visit to Ui Senate
Governance system in autonomous university becomes important because it indicates structure of authority and function each organ in a university. But that is very crucial, as explained by Chairman of IPB's Senate, is the academic communities' understanding status conversion towards autonomous public university. This is the meaning of the importance of a friendship carried out by PTN-BH team and senate to each member of academic communities. Silaturahmi is necessary to bridge dissent on PTN-BH. Furthermore, explained also about IPB's statute progress.

Chairman of IPB's Senate explained about PTN-BH non-academic positive value such as capable of developing assets, thus having autonomous authority. In academic ways, PTN-BH has more flexible authority in academic development.

In the second day, the visit was pursued to Academic Senate of University of Indonesia. The visit was welcomed by Chairman of University of Indonesia Senate along with the Commission Head. A Dialogue about transition conditions to PTN-BH and afterwards became a topic in the discussion.

Many experiences to get in the dialogue, especially related to its positive and negative impact of PTN-BH transition. A courage to find sources of funds was a subject of lively discussion.

University of North Sumatera (USU) is the last to visit in the safari of Brawijaya University academic senate. The visit which was welcomed at USU's Senate building received by its Chairman Prof. dr. Chairul Yoel, Sp.A (K) along with the senate board.

Initiated with introduction and description about Brawijaya University by Head of Brawijaya University Senate, and afterwards was pursued with a dialogue on PTN-BH at University of North Sumatera.

Head of USU's senate in his presentation delivered its PTN-BH status which is not fully autonomous yet. Many constraints to deal, especially related to autonomous in human resources and finance. Addressing this, three organs at USU (Wali Amanah/board of trustee, Senate and Rector) underlying their activities known as "Dalihan Na Tolu". The condition causes no dominances among the three actors.

Of the three visit conducted by UB's Academic Senate, there are three keywords to underlying in transition towards autonomous public university, that is the importance of university statute. [Senat UB/Humas UB/trans. Denok]





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