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PSIK FCS UB Held a Journalism and Website Management Training

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A Basic Journalism Training and Management of Official Pages for Lecturers and Students of FCS UB
A Basic Journalism Training and Management of Official Pages for Lecturers and Students of FCS UB

Management of Information Systems, Infrastructure, Information Technology, and Public Relations (PSIK) Faculty of Cultural Studies (FCS) Universitas Brawijaya (UB) held a Basic Journalism Training and Management of Official Pages for Lecturers and Students entitled "Spreading Positive Imagery through Writing Articles in Official Pages of FCS UB Malang". The event was attended by students representing LKM/Himaprodi who were in the Infocom Division, as well as lecturers and staffs who designated as PSIK for Departments/Units.

The purpose of this event were (1) to equip lecturers and students with basic knowledge and abilities in the field of journalism and management of official pages related to their activity units, and (2) to disseminate positive images of FCS UB through student posts uploaded on the official page of FCS UB.

There were two presenters in this training, namely Mohammad Zainuddin and Mohammad Mahendra Jaya Wardana, S.Kom. Mohammad Zainuddin, or familiarly called as Jay, is an online uploader/editor of Jay once worked as a journalist at NusaBali Daily (Denpasar, Bali), Surabaya Post (Surabaya), and Surya Daily (Surabaya-Malang). In this training, Jay gave subject related to journalistics with the title "Being a Journalist is Easy but Difficult". In addition, the participants also practiced directly writing news and uploading it on the official website of each unit. Mohammad Mahendra Jaya Wardana, S.Kom. is a member of PSIK FCS UB. In this training, he provides a subject related to the management of the official pages of the work units of the participants.

Through this activity, it is expected that the official pages of each unit and study program will be managed actively, positively and responsibly. In addition, with the publication of FCS UB's positive image on the official page, it can be useful as a promotional event and support monitoring and evaluation activities such as the Internal Quality Audit and BAN-PT Accreditation.

Group Discussions
Group Discussions

Journalistic has a big role for higher education, including providing information to the public, especially matters related to teaching, research, community service, and other achievements. For students, journalism plays an important role in honing their creativity. In addition, journalism is able to build the critical power of student understanding.

As one of the efforts to realize the vision of internationalization of FCS UB, the management of the official website as one of the media profile publications of Universities (PT) is one of the right and innovative ways. The profile of PT can be widely known because of the role of journalism. Through the official website, PT communicates with the wider community in disseminating an active role for the community through the activities of Tridharma PT and announcement, in collaboration with other PT partners, providing insights on campus life for prospective new students, appreciating the performance and achievements of lecturers, education staff, students, and so on.

FCS UB also utilizes the official website as one of the campus promotion media so that prospective students from outside the region or even abroad can see the progress of the academic community of FCS UB. The official FCS UB page is also an official publication tool in disseminating various campus activities such as workshops or seminars. In addition, the FCS UB website also disseminates its achievements.

At present, building an image is very important for PT. This is why, a good synergy in managing official pages with Student Sovereignty Institutions (LKM) really needs to be improved. Thus, the achievements made by students can be well publicized through the official FCS UB page. In addition, the news disseminated through the official website is also required to be able to shape the image of FCS UB. (DT/MSH/PSIK FIB)




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