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PEKSIMA UB Contest Category of Poetry, Short Stories and Role Play Writing

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Submit by humas3 on April 21, 2014 | Comment(s) : 0 | View : 5839

The participants are writing their ideas
The participants are writing their ideas

There were 76 participants of Poetry, Short Stories and Role Play Writing Contest between students and faculty (PEKSIMA) of Universitas Brawijaya (UB) on Monday (21/4) who showed their ability to arrange the words in the Mechanical Engineering Building II. Participants were given time around six hours to complete their work.
The poetry writing, which was followed by 32 participants, the theme raised was water. Participants were free to choose the type of poetry that will be made, whether it's the type of lyric poetry that focuses on subjectivity, how the poet focused on an object in depth, emotional and thrilling readers. Or the type of narrative, dramatic or epic poetry. The theme can be freely explored, whether to investigate or give a new meaning of water through poetry.
The short story writing was followed by 32 participants, raising an environmental theme. Participants were free to do an interpretation of the environment theme. Interpretations must be united with the freshness of expression or ideas in their work. Short stories written to be intact and not fragmented. Participants were limited to write 20 pages in their work. While for the writing of the play were followed by 12 participants raising the theme of diversity in Unity. The script must be able to be used for performance in one to two stage with a minimum of five scenes. [rian/translated by nea/yasmeen]

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