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PECMAN Accelerates Sterilization of Mushroom Planting Media by 98.6%

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Submit by prasetyaFT on July 12, 2019 | Comment(s) : 0 | View : 271

pecman (2)
pecman (2)
Mushroom commodities are a promising commodity where the level of consumption is quite high both on a national and international scale. According to the statistical data center, the level of mushroom consumption in Indonesia reached 0.18kg/capita. In the United States, the level of mushroom consumption reaches 0.5kg/capita, and European countries amount to 1.5 kg/capita.

This has become a great opportunity to make mushroom commodities contribute greatly to increasing economic development in the agricultural sector and the country's food security.

However, the increase in the consumption of the tree oyster mushrooms is not balanced with the production capacity, both for meeting local market demand and for export demand. In the cultivation process, mushroom farmers must prepare a great mushroom growing media through a sterilization process to eliminate pathogenic microorganisms both mold, yeast, and bacteria. In general, mushroom media sterilization with 59.57% efficiency is by steaming the planting media  (baglog) in the drum for 8 hours (2 hours heating, 6 hours sterilization).

PECMAN (Pulse Electric Sterilization for Mushroom Cultivation) is an innovative mushroom media sterilizer using Pulse Electric Field (PEF), which uses electric pulses that provide direct voltage to the growing media. High voltage will provide a condition to reduce microbes.

PECMAN sterilizes the media only in few minutes. So it will improve the time efficiency, energy, and the amount of mushroom productivity compared to conventional steam sterilization techniques.

"With our innovation, sterilization time which is usually 6-7 hours can be saved to 5 minutes," said Muhammad Khuzain as the team leader.

PECMAN is equipped with time control and input voltage as a regulator of the sterilization process. Information on temperature, humidity and power of this tool will be sent to the internet through the IoT principle.

This information will be forwarded to the user via the line notification application so that the user is expected to know the performance of the device.

pecman (1)
pecman (1)
With fast time performance and maximum results Khuzain also hopes that PECMAN can be an innovative solution for sterilizing baglog mushroom growing media.

"Hopefully the productivity of mushroom cultivation will increase, especially to meet market demand," he hoped.

The team consisted of Muhammad Khuzain (FT, 2016), I Wayan Angga Jayadiyuda (FT, 2016), and Dwi Uchtiyawati Rohmah (FTP, 2016). Under the guidance of Eka Maulana S.T M.T. M.Eng, PECMAN has succeeded in obtaining the Gold Medal at the International Science and Expo (YSIS) in the field of Agriculture Science 2019 at Universitas Brawijaya (24-25/Jun/2019). (mic)

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