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Monash University Australia Presents Collaboration on Research and Advanced Study

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Presentation of Monash University at FILKOM
Presentation of Monash University at FILKOM
Prof. Sue McKemmish as Associate Dean Graduate Research at Faculty of Information Technology (Faculty of IT), Monash University, Australia came to Faculty of Computer Science of Brawijaya University, Monday (18/Sept/2017) presented collaboration research and advanced study which could be done to benefit both universities.

On the occasion, Prof. Sue accompanied by Ms. Helen Cridland as Graduate Research Project Officer and Dr. Misita Anwar as alumni and Teaching Associates, at Faculty of IT, Monash University.

Opened her presentation, Prof. Sue firstly delivered general overview of Faculty of IT, Monash University. In statistic data she presented, the faculty has 3,744 undergraduate and postgraduate students. Meanwhile the research student recently reached 180. The number is still dominated by male students, of which the female students only has 24% portion out of undergraduate and postgraduate students in total, while 31% of them are from research students.

To guarantee the running of the education system, Faculty of IT of Monash University was reinforced by 130 academic staffs and 45 professional staffs. In the faculty, there are several research to run including areas of data science, cyber security and systems, creative technology and human computer interface, social and organizational informatics as well as digital health.

On the occasion, Prof. Sue presented information about names of professors who are responsible for each research area. Thus the participants can contact the Professor-in-question in case they have plans to have joint research or advanced study in the future.

Meanwhile Dr. Misita Anwar chanced to provide information about various research that had conducted by Indonesian students at Faculty of IT, Monash University. She also shared her experience as Indonesian students in Australia.

Delivered by Dr. Misita that research she raised in her doctoral study titled "The Impact of Mobile Phones on the Well-Being of Micro Entrepreneurs in Indonesia". In addition, in her presentation, other Indonesian students also had raised various different research such as Health Information System and Technocultural Experience.

"From our experience, with LPDP or Monash University scholarship already be sufficient for study expenses and daily expenses if we bring along families. Moreover if our spouse also join and work there. For kids' education also no need to worry. As Australia gives permit to research students' children to have education in free of charge until 18 years old maximally," said Dr. Misita.

Ms. Helen Cridland on the occasion delivered three postgraduate programs offered by Faculty of IT, Monash University. They are including PhD by Thesis for four years, should accomplish a thesis in 80,000 words, PhD by Practice Based Project and Exegesis, of which the final examination is in form of demonstration on project result and mandatory to accomplish 30,000 words for thesis, Master of Philosophy for research in two years and mandatory to accomplish thesis in 30,000 words.

To be enrolled as Monash University student should fulfill prerequisites as follows: graduates of bachelor or master program with GPA 3.20 - 3.49 minimally, IELTS band-score 6.5 minimally and Master program's thesis score is B minimally. Meanwhile for them who want to sign up Monash scholarship should fulfill additional prerequisites such as GPA 3.50 - 4.00 minimally and Master Program's thesis in score A.

In addition, publication in reputable journals and conference can add score point as well. Scholarship registration for foreign students are divided in two periods. Period I lasts every 31 March and period II lasts every 31 August. Further information can access

"We suggest for candidates who want to apply for scholarship can propose their application documents at least two months earlier. As the process takes times," said. Prof. Sue in English. [dina/Humas UB/trans. Denok]








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