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Mochamad Bachtiar's Dissertation Examine Predictors towards Chemotherapy Response

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Submit by oky_dian on August 08, 2018 | Comment(s) : 0 | View : 999

Mochamad Bachtiar Budiono
Mochamad Bachtiar Budiono
A student at Medical Science Doctorate Program Mochamad Budiono tries to examine predictor which is able to provide body's response post-chemotherapy. The research he puts in his dissertation titled "Expression Combination of Vimentin, E-Cadherin, CD44 and CD24 as Predictor Model of Neoajuvan Chemotherapy Based on Anthracycline in Stage IIIB Sub-type Luminal Breast Cancer".

In his dissertation, Bachtiar mentioned there are various post chemotherapy body's responses, starts from the body does not respond with the level of resistance and recurrence is still quite large until the appearance of other types of secondary tumors in groups of young women.

Currently, prediction of chemotherapy response are commonly based on tumor's stage clinical predictor, lymph gland, metastasis, histopathological result (grading, histopathological types, lymphovascular invasion) and immunohistochemistry (IHK). However, the predictors are still leaving many problems that cannot accurately predict chemotherapy response.

Therefore, Bachtiar tries to have research on EMT cellular bio-markers which are involved in breast cancer  pathogenesis and progress each vimentin protein, E-cadherin, CD44 and CD24 which has the potential to become predictor of chemotherapy response individually or together. The protein can be used as one of more accurate predictors to predict chemotherapy response.

Mochamad Bachtiar's response was tested in front of numbers of team of examiners i.e. Dr. dr. Desak Suprabawati, SpB (K) Onk, Prof. Dr. dr. Koeswarini Handono, Mkes, SpPK (K) and Dr. Ir. Solimun, MS, SEM on Thursday (26/Jul/2018). [Oky Dian/Humas UB/trans. Denok]






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