Minister of Youth and Sport of the Republic of Indonesia Invites UB Students to Understand the Significance of Youth Oath

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Imam Nahrawi delivers volley ball, basket ball, football for UB
Imam Nahrawi delivers volley ball, basket ball, football for UB
To commemorate the Youth's Oath Day, Brawijaya University organized a national dialogue themed "Synergy of the Spirit of the youth's oath: Jihad and Culture Resolution, at Widyaloka building on Monday (05/Nov/2018).

The event invited Minister of Youth and Sport Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia Dr. (HC) H. Imam Nahrawi, S.Sg., M.KP and Vice Head of MPR RI (People's Consultative Assembly of the Republic of Indonesia) Ahmad Basarah was also attended by teachers of Civic Education in the Greater Malang.

In his remarks, Minister of Youth and Sport Affairs mentioned what youth are fighting for today will bring forth the great history of the Indonesian nation.

"90 years ago youths united to pledge in the youth's oath to realize unity of the Indonesian nation. Therefore, we also have to think about what we will do for the future," he said.

Imam Nahrawi exemplified Indonesian success in Asian Games few times ago was a milestone in the nation's history in proving sport achievement.

"Our tennis have 16 years never won a medal. However at Asian Games few times ago. Indonesia achieved gold medals for tennis in mixed double. Sport becomes Indonesia's easy way towards Olympiads 2020 and to be the host. This is of course because Indonesia has been well tested at Asian Games few times ago. Asian Games participants from different countries are not only feel safe but also comfortable and welcomed by great and friendly volunteers. I also hope that Pencak Silat enters Olympiads 2020," said Imam Nahrawi.

In line with him, Vice Chairman of MPR RI Ahmad Basarah mentioned that young people should not only celebrate the youth's oath day but also interpret the significance of youth's oath. According to him, currently there are many young people who deny the commitment of the youth's oath. For example, who should uphold Bahasa Indonesia as the language of unity is displaced by the existence of slang.

Ahmad Basarah also urged if in the colonial era, the form of the nation's enemies is easily seen. Currently the form of colonialism is difficult to detect since its form is more on issue or the news which pit the own nation.

"Indonesia is destined to be a rich country thus making other countries to expand, imperialism and colonialism. One of the ways to do is divide politics. Form there then consciousness arises carried out by united youth which finally realized the youth's oath. Today colonialism does not stop. Bung Karno once said that in the future the struggle will be more difficult because of facing the nation itself. The form of current colonialism is neo imperialism of devide et impera politics volume three," he said.

One of the media used by invaders to divide nowadays is smart phone.

"Only by two fingers can be rampant everywhere both ideologies of liberalism and capitalism which bring freedom as free as possible thus there is no rule on this earth to ban including LGBT," Basarah said.

Therefore, according to him, in order to be a huge country should be sticking to philosophy of Pancasila so as not to be swayed. Meanwhile, a lecturer at Faculty of Law Brawijaya University Dr. M. Ali Safa'at SH., MH explained some basic requirement of unity such as finding the right source of information, history which is a part of the national identity, Bahasa as a unifier, customary law that becomes a national identity of Indonesia, also universities as autonomous scouting institutions and a place where knowledge is developed. [Oky Dian/Humas UB/trans. Denok]




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