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Menristekdikti Announce Officially 8 UB's New Buildings

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Submit by vicky.nurw on March 14, 2018 | Comment(s) : 0 | View : 1608

Ministry of Resarch Technology and Higher Education while officiated 8 new building of UB
Ministry of Resarch Technology and Higher Education while officiated 8 new building of UB
Minister of Research Technology and Higher Education of the Republic of Indonesia, Prof. H. Mohammad Nasir, PhD.Ak announced officially 8 new college buildings owned by Brawijaya University. This inauguration was conducted on Tuesday (13/Mar/2018) at building B, Faculty of Veterinary, UB Campus II Dieng. The event was attended by the Rector, Vice Rectors, and Deans of various faculties. Also attended in the meeting was a commission 10 member of House of Representatives of the Republic of Indonesia.

In his address, the Rector expressed his gratitude to the Minister of Research Technology and Higher Education. "We are grateful and hope we can beneficial in science development," he said.

Dieng Campus Designation, Bisri said, will be used for students' college. "Next year Nursing program is going to have lecture here. Currently is used by Faculty of Veterinary. Creative Industry, Vocational Program and Midwifery will have lecture here too," he explained.

Regarding e-learning, the Minister affirmed that the phenomenon should be passed. "Like it or not, we have to go through it. This will become a big opportunity for informatics engineering, electrical engineering and so on. So, other faculties that during the time is far away from Information Engineering should be taught about this opportunity," Nasir added.

The building that will be inaugurated on the day were such as joint service building, a building for postgraduate and Doctoral Program of Faculty of Law, Faculty of Computer Science building, Multipurpose building of Faculty of Engineering, Integrated Education Building II Faculty of Medicine-Syaiful Anwar Hospital, and Development Centre of Blended Learning located at Campus I. Meanwhile at Campus II, the building to be officiated are Veterinary faculty and Joint Lecture Building. [vicky/Humas UB/trans. Denok]





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