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Maulina Pia Wulandari: Tourism Destinations in Malang City Must Have a Brand

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Maulina Pia Wulandari Ph.D Pada Saat Menjadi Narasumber dalam Pelatihan Tata Kelola Destinasi Pariwisata
Maulina Pia Wulandari Ph.D Pada Saat Menjadi Narasumber dalam Pelatihan Tata Kelola Destinasi Pariwisata

Not having the potential for natural tourism destinations does not mean that tourism in an area cannot bedevelop. Various thematic villages as tourist destinations began to emerge in the city of Malang later need to be encouraged so that more and more interest in tourists both local and foreign countries.

Communacation lecture of Faculty of Social and Political Science (FISIP), Brawijaya University, Maulina Pia Wulandari Ph.D. said that tourist destinations as tourism attractions must be considered as a tourism product. So as a product, a tourist destination must have a brand or brand so that tourists know the attraction.

Pia who is also an expert in the field of Public Relations also shares practical tips for tourism managers in the city of Malang so that the tourist destinations are increasingly known to the public so that they can increase the number of visits to tourism objects.

"There are 3 important things that need to be considered by tourism destination managers to create brand awareness, namely product excellence, the application of integrated marketing communication strategies, and supporting facilities and infrastructure for tourism operations," Pia said.

"Tourism objects must have unique and specific characteristics, not the same as other tourism objects. Introduced to the public with an integrated marketing communication strategy starting from advertising, publicity, holding events that invite visitors to feel and have a wonderful experience about the visited attractions, and "It must be supported by good supporting facilities," Pia said.

"Create events that bring new experiences to visitors, so they always remember the experience of coming to your tourist destination," Pia said. According to him, tourism managers must have a major concern on tourist destinations and existing tourism supporting infrastructure.

According to Pia, the basic thing that is very important but often overlooked by tourism managers is the quality customer service. "Starting from parking keeper, toilets, ticket attendants, even tour guides must be able to provide excellent service. Do not be bitchy to visitors. How to respond the customer complaints must also be understood by tourism managers," ordered Pia.

Last but not least, according to Pia, in this digital era, tourism managers must be aware and know what trends are developing in the community. "Invite content creators and influencers on social media to visit tourist destinations. From there, that makes other people want to go to your tourist attractions," Pia explained to managers of various tourist destinations in Malang City in a Tourism Destination Governance Training organized by Malang City Culture and Tourism Agency at the Grand Palace Hotel, Malang (6/18/2019). [* / UB Public Relation/Translated by Mizan]


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