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MOU Partnership Between UB and Kassel University, Germany

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Submit by humas1 on August 02, 2010 | Comment(s) : 2 | View : 10485

Fatchiyah and Kassel University Team
Fatchiyah and Kassel University Team
For the realization of WCU (World Class University) program, UB LSIH holds 4 activities, a series of international cooperation improvement. On this event, Fatchiyah, M.Kes, PhD. (Lecturer of Biology Department, who is also the Director of LSIH UB) went to Kassel University Germany to realize a partnership activity with foreign laboratory. Furthermore, Fatchiyah described that while in Kassel (July 22-31, 2010) she is in the Kassel University Faculty of Biology's Genetic Laboratory, lead by Prof Wolfgang Nellen (researcher of genetic field), which is also the main partnership between UB LSIH and Kassel University Genetic Lab.
The event in Kassel is a signing of MOU with Kassel University, by Dr. Nikolaj Fisher witnessed by Katharina Linke (International Collaboration) and representative of Genetik Lab (in the photo).

Arrangement of the program to realize the activity for the next four years has been registered to DAAD Scholarship, which is expected to be the main sponsor of the cooperation. The core of the cooperation is Bridging Curriculum between education in Germany and in Indonesia, and UB is the main partner that will accommodate other cluster universities in Indonesia, in which the program is a bridge to PhD program in Germany. Besides, there is also a supporting program such as Summer School Program for Classical and Molecular Biodiversity Summer School theme at Brawijaya University 2011, which will be submitted to DAAD Scholarship for funding support, or other scholarships. The summer school program will teach young researchers to master analytical technique in laboratory and the implementation in field.
On the program, aside from Prof Wolfgang Nellen, who will present techniques of molecular biology, and also supported by other experts from German University such as Dr, Jens Gebauer from Dept Agriculture in the Tropic, Kassel University, gene banks and by cryo-conservation by Dr.Dehmer, Gatersleben, Holger Schäfer (Heidelberg), Birgit Gmeinholzer (Bar-Coding, Giessen) for Bioinformatics and Philogenetic, and some other experts who will gives materials and analytical technique in summer school program next year. [fat/fjr]

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Submit by haris on August 03, 2010.

dear University KASSEL Jerman we are from Public Relationship of Vocational High School 2 Tarakan city, East Kalimantan, Indonesia would like to seek some information about partnership program and internship and also exchange program if available for our science teacher to improve their knowledge in science please send me the info related to the programs above \ thaks

Submit by Randi on August 04, 2010.

Saya ada saran, kalau ingin menjalin kerjasama dengan Kassel University sebaiknya mengirim email ke universitasnya langsung, karena website ini merupakan website berita UB dan tidak bisa dijadikan media komunikasi secara langsung apalagi hanya melalui fitur komentar yang notabene tidak bisa dijadikan media permohonan secara formal.Mungkin bisa dicoba kontak via email ini : aaa(at)

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