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And Again, FTP Student at Kick Andy Show

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Darma Sucipto, a student of TIP FTP-UB performed at Kick Andy Show
Darma Sucipto, a student of TIP FTP-UB performed at Kick Andy Show

Once again student of Agricultural Technology Faculty (FTP) Universitas Brawijaya (UB) performed at Kick Andy Show. Darma Sucipto, a student of the 2012 Agroindustry Technology Department chanced to perform as inspiring people at one of television program that was launched in 31 May 2013.

Based on big sincerity and dream for Indonesia, The 2012 Anugerah SATU Indonesia awarde has commitment to create change although slightest but positively impact for surroundings. With his partners, Darma used empty land for farming by using homemade ordinary bio-insecticide and diversification of local food.

Thanks to its high innovative power, he succeed to make healthy snack, nutritious and safe to be consumed from crops planted by his own. Such as cassava ball, rosella jam bread, suju (corn milk without milk), and also corn pudding which is unique and interesting.

His grandmother's death du to diabetic raise his strong awareness to turn healthy lifestyle. He made ideas on healthy food movement of free MSG, additive material, and 5Ps (sweetener, colorings, chewy, preservative, flavorings) which has negative impact for health and triggering dangerous disease like cancer. By student creativity program, recently Darma pioneering Youth Agropreneurship Project that take and implant agripreneur spirit earlier into elementary school student in order to continue his mission. The video streaming of event replay can be seen at (translated by denok]




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