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Again, FTP Students Win Medals in Malaysia

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Students FTP UBListy Laura Boru Simamora, Hana Luthfiyana dan Trisha Artha Sitorus
Students FTP UBListy Laura Boru Simamora, Hana Luthfiyana dan Trisha Artha Sitorus

Students of the Faculty of Agricultural Technology (FTP) Brawijaya University (UB) boast the alma mater on the international scene. In the 5th International Biotechnology Competition and Exhibition event held at Malaysia Malaysia University of Technology (5 / 4-6 / 4/2019) which was attended by 40 teams from ASEAN, they won medals as runners-up for the green building / green product category.

The FTP student team is Listy Laura Boru Simamora, Hana Luthfiyana, and Trisha Artha Sitorus, all three from the Environmental Engineering Study Program class of 2016. Listy and her friends won second place for their innovation entitled "BIOWAROYA, Biofood wrap from nata de soya for fast food industry to achieve green and sustainable world ".

Listy explained that BIOWAROYA is a bioplastic made from waste whey tofu as a form of handling waste for environmental conservation.

"We intentionally made BIOWAROYA with two objectives. First to reduce the use of plastic in ready-to-eat food, secondly control of river pollution due to the disposal of whey waste by producers. Whey waste is what we are treating as a bioplastic wrap. Well, this wrap is intended for seasoning in instant fast food, such as for instant noodle seasoning, with BIOWAROYA, the use of plastic in the ready-to-eat food industry will decrease, besides that river water can be cleaner because the whey waste is not thrown away so BIOWAROYA can be a solution for the use of plastic and water pollution and the environment, "he said. (dse/Translated by yana/Humas UB)

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