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KKM XLI: Race against Weather, Third Day Project Completed 92%

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Submit by prasetyaFT on January 16, 2019 | Comment(s) : 0 | View : 829

The Male Students Project Bridge Railing
The Male Students Project Bridge Railing
Quite similar with the second day, on the third day of the 41st Student Work Camp (KKM) the students continued the project from the previous day. In the male students project, until the third day (16/1/2019), the Public Street Lighting (PJU) installation on the 300-meter road, 100% was completed and paving the road until this afternoon, it was completed 41 meters from the 50-meter target, which hopefully tomorrow can be finished.

For bridge railing, from 20 points it has been completed 100%. While the drainage project, from 150 meters of drainage on the first day has been completed almost 50% are forced to be repeated again due to weather constraints. Until this afternoon there are still 50 meters that have not been completed yet, and will be completed by the committee, it is hoped that tomorrow can be done.

"It was a pity that it was raining yesterday afternoon, so that the cement in the drainage channel which had not yet dried up, it was eroded by the rain. Today we are repairing it, hopefully, tomorrow can be finished," said Erwin, one of the XLI KKM organizers when met at the location.

Bridge Railing
Bridge Railing
Support from the Faculty of Engineering UB is given continuously. Every day representatives of faculty and department/study program leaders come to supervise the implementation of the project. The lecturers also took turns overseeing and directing the XLI KKM participants when carrying out the project.

Students SDN Ketindan 1
Students SDN Ketindan 1
"Hopefully today will not rain. Alhamdulillah, besides the weather factor, the activity went smoothly, I was very happy to see the senior students enthusiastically helping their junior when the freshmen took a break, the committee took turns working on the project," said Dr. Runi Asmaranto, when found at the bridge railing location this afternoon.

For female students, all forms of service are well done. Kindergarten and elementary school students where the female students teach also look cheerful with their teacher. "It's very nice, I was taught to make plants in bottles (hydroponics, red)," said Icha, one of the students in class 5b at SDN Ketindan 1. (mic)



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