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KKM 39: Vice Rector 3 Visit KKM Project Area

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KKM 39: Vice Rector 3 Visit KKM Project Area
KKM 39: Vice Rector 3 Visit KKM Project Area
The second day of 39th Student Work Camp (KKM) continued with various activities. It is scheduled that freshie will be conditioned to the area where they will continue the project and community devotion, Tuesday (14/1/2017).

As usual, after the morning routine, freshmen were gathered to have reviewed and discuss the day project preparation and then continued with hiking towards the area where they will do the project. On this second day, male students continue building the concrete road, street lighting installation, and drainage rehabilitation that already started since yesterday (13/2/2017).

Meanwhile, the female students were divided into three groups. The First group is making handicraft in the tent for tomorrow’s activity in nearby ECD, the second group is socializing on Technology Effect Against Children, Installation of biopores and also plant nursery in residents neighborhood as a follow-up of the counseling that already done the day before.

In the male project, installation of street lighting (PJU) and the rehabilitation of drainage already done for about 50%, while the concrete road making still around 30% due to the bad weather. “Yesterday it's raining all day, so we currently only manage to build for about 25-30 meter of 80 meters targeted. Alhamdulillah today’s weather is quite fine, hopefully, we can speed it up,” said Rizal Fahmi, one of the committee present.

Faculty and University parties also give their support. If yesterday the Dean and Head of Departments/Study Program visited them, today is the Vice Rector for Student Affairs along with his staff, and three Vice-Dean of FT-UB visiting the location and supervised the social devotions.

“This activity is very positive, I hope it can be emulated by the other faculty in UB, or even better if there are collaboration among faculty, its scope will definitely broader,” said Prof. Dr. Ir Arif Prayitno MS when reviewing the male project. (mic/Humas UB)


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