JIGSAW, River Waste Filters

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Waste is an artificial concept and a consequence of human activity. Rubbish often discarded by society along the riverbanks to accumulate in water bodies and cause new problems for the environment as river water to overflow, especially in the rain season and might even give off strong odors.

Problems related to waste are mostly happening, especially in urban areas, such as Malang City, and need to formulate appropriate handling solutions to create a comfortable, beautiful and healthy urban environment. Led by Roro Pergiwo and her four team members; Daniar Larasati, Meidyana Visi Chairunnisa, Ika Agustin, and Rheza Fahri make introspection net.

JIGSAW, Intropection Net to Anticipate Citizen Waste is one solution that is performed in order to determine the origin/source of waste disposed and accumulate in water bodies. The installation is also easy, nets installed in one river body and given a weight (iron rod) at the end of a net which is drowned in the water. To clean the trash from the net is simply by lifting the iron rod to the higher pole.

The work of the students of Urban and Regional Planning Faculty of Engineering Universitas Brawijaya (FTUB) has been tested on one of the Brantas River bank in RW 02, Merjosari Urban Village, Malang City. These nets expected to reduce environmental waste problems in settlements, especially for them to realize a clean living environment by growing awareness and willingness of the community to control and manage waste.

Deni Agus Setyono ST MEng as mentors always accompany the team starting from the determination of installation location, introspect net size, and in monitoring and evaluating JIGSAW performance.

"From our observation, in addition to cleaning the waste it also act as an introspection media of the community so that they will think and conscious so they won't throw garbage in the river, especially around the neighborhoods of their settlements," he said. (mic/Humas UB)