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Its 35th Anniversary, Postgraduate Program of Brawijaya University Continuously to Develop Research towards World Class University

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Enthusiasm of healthy walking participants to celebrate 53rd anniversary of postgraduate program
Enthusiasm of healthy walking participants to celebrate 53rd anniversary of postgraduate program
Post graduate Program of Brawijaya University held a healthy walking in order to enliven its 35th anniversary, Sunday (12/Feb/2017). An event titled "Towards Brawijaya University with High Quality and International Reputation" was not only attended by boards of principals, employees and lecturers, but also was graced by Brawijaya University alumni and fresher of the postgraduate program. The healthy walking was previously delayed due to rainy weather, but finally it was succeeded to be held at 07:00 a.m. although the roads surroundings Brawijaya University areas were still wet. Around 350 anniversary participants joined in the event to circumnavigate the Brawijaya University campus. Not end there, the event was also enlivened with various music entertainments, charities to the orphans and distribution of door prize lottery.

The theme to be lifted in the event was in accordance with what has been expected by Brawijaya University Rector Prof. Dr. Ir Mohammad namely by improving campus reputation through increasing numbers of postgraduate program students (Master and Doctorate Programme).

The similar things also delivered by Head of Post Graduate program Prof. Dr. Drs. Abdul hakim, M.Si. He reminded that numbers of postgraduate program students are increasing from year to year.

"Recently Brawijaya University is waiting for a moment to the opening of new study program namely Doctorate Program on Environmental Health and Doctorate Program on Management of Forest resources. It is worthy to be grateful since by the existing of the new study program then postgraduate program students are expected to be flourish," he said.

Prof. Dr. Ir. Mohammad Bisri, MS mentioned to the all participants who attended that the university will continuously implement a policy on decreasing of bachelor student numbers and increasing numbers of postgraduate program students.

"By the declining of bachelor student quota up to 10,000 this year, Brawijaya University was succeeded to increase numbers of post graduate student into 1,000 in 2016. Hopefully this year we can increase numbers of postgraduate students particularly for master program," he said.

In the event, Brawijaya University Rector also mentioned postgraduate students especially in Environment Study Program to actively contribute in managing and using forest areas with specific purposes which just appointed by the Ministry of Environment of Republic of Indonesia.

"In 2016, Brawijaya University also obtained trust to manage forest areas with specific purposes around 544 hectares in Wonokoyo, Kedungkandang, malang. In the future, the region will be used for a research development by postgraduate students in environment," he said. [Indra/Humas UB/trans. Denok] 



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