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Inviting Students to Understand Sharia Banking Via IB Goes to Campus

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IB Goes To Campus
IB Goes To Campus
In order to provide understanding on sharia anking and its implementation in daily life, Faculty of Economics and Business Brawijaya University organized IB Goes to Campus. An event which was organized at Building F's Hall 7th floor of the faculty's building raised a theme "Serunya Berbank Syariah/Exciting with Sharia Banking".

IB Goes to Campus event is a series of IB Vaganza organized by OJK (Otoritas Jasa Keuangan/Financial Services Authority) Central which was not only organized in Malang City. There was also IB Goes to School, and IB Goes to Community which was organized at various cities in Indonesia. The event that attended by 195 participants was opened and welcomed properly by Vice Dean on studentship Affairs of the faculty Dr. Moh. Khusaini, SE., M.Si., MA.

"Recently Sharia Economy is growing rapidly, banking should also follows it, we shall be the initiator in sharia economy development. We are at Faculty of Economics and Business Brawijaya University Islamic Economy Program and I see students' huge interest in developing Islamic Economy concept and impellent it in their daily life, we are highly appreciate and well welcomed the event," said Dr. Moh. Khusaini in his welcoming speech on Wednesday (21/Mar/2018).

Attended as speakers were Aprilia Ratna Palupi as Division Head of Sharia Banking Department, Dwi Poedji Widodo as Branch Manager of Bank Muamalat Indonesia Malang, and Bayu Arie Fianto as National Presidium of FoSSEI 2006-2007.

In her remarks, Aprilia Ratna Palupi discussed OJK and Sharia Banking policy in Indonesia. She delivered that OJK has 7 direction policies on Sharia Banking Development in Indonesia, namely strengthening a synergy between both authorities with the government and other stakehoders, strengthening capital and business scale as well as improving efficiency with the working programs, improving funding structure, improving service quality and product diversity, improving human resources quantity and quality as well as Information Technology and other infrastructures. In addition also improving literation and communities preference, and strengthening harmonization of arrangements and supervision.

Meanwhile Dwi Poedji Widodo discussed introduction of sharia banking goods and services. Dwi Poedji explained that sharia banking products consisted of financing products, funding products and services products. Financing products consisted of 3 categories, which is aimed to have goods which is conducted in principle of buying and selling, while to get services is conducted in principle of leasing, and for partnership is conducted in principle of profit sharing.

For funding product applies wadi'ah principle and mudharabah in principle of its sharia operational, while services products consisted of Sharf (selling and buying foreign exchanges) as well as Ijarah (leasing).

Meanwhile Bayu Arie Fianto discussed the roles of students in improving the growth of sharia banking in Indonesia. He presented that students should also initiated the establishment of Islamic Economy Program or Sharia Banking, having research and scientific activities on Sharia Banking. Participating in the development sharia banking in Indonesia as well as doing socialization and introduction of sharia banking at campus. [Dinda/vicky/Humas UB/trans. Denok]




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