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Internship Teaching Program, The Implementation of MoU between UB and HU

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Kobayashi Mone when Having Teaching Practice in a Class
Kobayashi Mone when Having Teaching Practice in a Class

Faculty of Cultural Studies (FCS) University of Brawijaya (UB) accepted a student of Kaigai Kyouiku Jisshu (Teaching Practice Courses Abroad) from Hiroshima University (HU), who was Kobayashi Mone. Kobayashi Mone is a student of Program in Teaching Japanese as a Second Language in HU. "I hope I get skill in teaching Japanese, and understand how foreign student study Japanese in foreign country through this program", she said.

This activity was held for three weeks, in February to March, 2019 in the Japanese Literature Study Program FCS UB. In the first week, she observed the class activities (sit in) taught by Japanese native speakers, Ms. Ogawa Yuki's classes. In the second and third weeks, Kobayashi Mone had teaching practices. The classes were Grammar VI (Bunpo VI), Grammar II (Bunpo II), Writing III (Sakubun III), Conversation IV (Kaiwa IV), Reading (Dokkai), and Kanji IV.

Kobayashi chose Indonesia as the place to carry out her Internship Teaching Program because she has never been to Indonesia before. "I want to learn about how Indonesian people live," she said. Kobayashi also revealed her first impression when she arrived in Indonesia. "In Indonesia, there are many cars and motorbikes. People walk on the roads close to the cars. This is very dangerous and different from Japan," she continued.

In addition, UB and HU have a good cooperative and relationship, and this Internship Teaching Program activity is an implementation of U to U MoU between UB and HU. Great expectations of Japanese Literature Study Program FCS UB that the duration of the Internship Teaching Program activities can be extended and more foreign students carry out this kind of activities at FCS UB. (DT/AG/PSIK FIB)



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