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Indonesian Watershed Condition is Already an Emergency

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MKTI's meeting at faculty of Agriculture
MKTI's meeting at faculty of Agriculture
Most of Indonesian river basins have critical condition, Only part of Papua and Borneo Island which are still in good condition. This is due to many factors, the most dominant is uncontrolled human intervention.

Moreover in the era after the reformation, many eroded land either for development or plantation in uncontrolled land clearing. Consequently, after 2018 total critical land in Indonesia has reached 14 million hectares.

It was delivered by General Director of Watershed and Protected Forest Control, Ministry of Environment and Forestry Ir. IB Putera Parthama, MSc in his presentation titled "Correction Action for Emergency Watershed" in a seminar of "Integrated Water Resources Management for Sustainable Development" on Tuesday (02/Oct/2018) carried out in Auditorium of 6th floor building Faculty of Agriculture Brawijaya University.

"Currently the rates of deforestation reaches 490,000 Ha/year while rehabilitation capabilities only 200,000 ha/year. It was just launched for next year. You can imagine how the results ae. It takes a very long time for us to achieve this critical land rehabilitation. Requirement and availability of water sources and clean water is very important. By such condition will we have clean water crisis? Well.. this can be happened if it is just ignored. Therefore, by this event and the presence of invited guests as well as students, hopefully we can fix all of these problems," said Putera.

This seminar was organized by Indonesian soil and water conservation communities Regional (Masyarakat Konservasi Tanah dan Air Indonesia) Commisariat of East Java, Faculty of Agriculture Brawijaya University and Perum Jasa Tirta I. Attended the occasion were Vice Dean III on Students Affairs Dr. Ir. Syafrial MS represented Dean of Faculty of Agriculture Brawijaya University, Chairman of Central MKTI Prof. Kukuh Murtilaksono, Director of Jasa Tirta I Dr. Raymond Valiant, ST., MT and invitation from related departments as well as students.

In this event series was also organized turnover and inauguration of MKTI Management Board Regional Commisariat of East Java periods of 2018 - 2022. Of which Ir. Didik Suprayogo, M.Sc., PhD from Faculty of Agriculture Brawijaya University was delegated as the Chairman. [zma/Humas UB/trans. Denok]



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