Health Communication is Getting Interested by Communication Science Students

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Prof. H. Deddy MUlyana, MA., PhD
Prof. H. Deddy MUlyana, MA., PhD
Health communication becomes one field of study which is in demand in international level academic discussion lately. This trend applies also on Communication Science Department Faculty of Social and Political Science Brawijaya University. It is shown by the high interest in health communication topics.

In 2015, research for student's final thesis in communication health is dominated by research on advertising and construction about health behavior related to smoking. In the next years, new topics arise like therapeutic communication, risk communication, health promotion, and interpersonal communication between medical officer and patient. The roles of faculty research group in the field of this study also contributes in increasing student's interest through research umbrella.

Through a guest lecture which was held by Communication Science Department on Wednesday (9/May/2018) at Nuswantara Auditorium in a theme "Picturing Development of Health Communication Study in Indonesia", Prof. H. Deddy Mulyana, MA, PhD as communication public figure in Indonesia, as well as a senior researcher who has many roles in development of health communication study in Indonesia was invited to answer the issue.

Deddy exemplified some events about less friendly health workers in Indonesia, thus many Indonesians who choose to take medicines abroad, though in expensive cost. Regard to this, Deddy pursued, indicated that research in health communication is interesting and potential to be studied. "But unfortunately, we are still left behind," Deddy said.

Deddy mentioned that communication is very important for various professions, moreover a physician.

"It is impossible that there is a physician who can diagnose disease unless communicating. Well, this people has a diabetic. Well, apparently this people has heart disease. It cannot be like that. A physician should coordinate to determine a disease suffered by someone," Deddy said.

A guest lecture which was held at Nuswantara Auditorium is expected to be able to contribute in academic discussion especially in communication and health area.

In addition, it is expected also to be able to give benefits for practitioners and policy makers in health development especially in the Greater Malang area. Besides to provide arena for students in developing their interest in research especially in areas of health communication.

Deddy is not forgetting to remind participants who attended to communicate properly and effectively.

"People with good and effective communication will be healthier and have a longer life," he said. [Charisma /Humas FISIP/Humas UB/trans. Denok]





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