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Halal Lifestyle Must Be Applied In Everyday Life

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Submit by dimaspam on May 23, 2019 | Comment(s) : 0 | View : 416

Prof. Ainun Na'im, M.B.A., Ph.D saat memberikan ceramah di Masjid Raden Patah UB
Prof. Ainun Na'im, M.B.A., Ph.D saat memberikan ceramah di Masjid Raden Patah UB


In the Commemoration of the Nuzulul Quran Night, Wednesday (22/050/2019) Raden Patah Mosque UB held a Workshop with the Secretary-General of the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education Prof. Ainun Na'im, M.B.A., Ph.D. with the theme of the Qur'an and the Implementation of the Value of the Lord in Building the Nation's Civilization "which was also attended by the Takmir Mosque Management in Malang. Before the Workshop, Takmir Mosques in Malang Raya had attended Recitation and Sharing with Dr. Arif Alamsyah, M.A.R.S who discussed the role of mosques for Muslims.

After Tarawih Prayer Prof. Ainun began the workshop by explaining the extraordinary occurrence of the Qur'an's downfall given to the Prophet Muhammad. Ainun also quoted from the Tamim Ansary book entitled "A History of the World Through Islamic Eyes" which opened the eyes of the world about Islam in its contribution to the development of the world.

"Since I was in elementary school until high school there was almost no material in history lessons about Islamic history in the world except the development of Islam in the archipelago. This is the reason why Islam is not recognized by its own people. People like Salahuddin Al Ayubi, Muhammad Al Fatih, Harun Ar Rasyid are less familiar to our children than today's superheroes "

He also explained that there were several indices of the level of human welfare but all were still dominant in world problems. Then according to Ainun Halal Lifestyle is the solution to the human welfare index that must be applied by all Muslims.

"Halal Lifestyle is an Islamic value that must be cultivated in Muslim communities in particular and should be applied in various fields such as in the areas of Islamic Finance and Banking, Halal Food and Beverages Industry, Halal Tourism, Sharia Fashion and even in the Arts and Performing Arts fields. and Sunnah, "Ainun said.

The man from Kediri also added economic value data from the Halal Lifestyle and Industry in Indonesia in 2019 to reach 2 trillion US $ and in 2021 it will reach 3 trillion US $.

At the end of the workshop Ainun hoped that through the Muslim Lifestyle Lifestyle they would be able to maintain the Holy Family, guard the State, guard brothers and sisters and non-believers so that Islamic civilization starting from this mosque could develop and become a reference for all people in the world. [Dimas /Translated by Chika/ Humas UB]




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