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GODECT by Agricultural Technology Students Converts Carrot Waste into Oil Rich in Vitamin A

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Every year Indonesia is able to produce 495 thousand tons of carrots. During the time, besides being cooked into vegetables, carrot is also widely used to be juice. However, the process is still leaving by-products in form of carrot pulp. By-products of fruits and vegetables processing which are just thrown away will raise environmental problems, while if it is processed properly, it will able to become good bio-component source for the body and having economical value.

So far, most of carrot pulp only just thrown away. Even though, its carotenoid content reaches 80% of its total within. Carotenoid as vitamin A forming is very important for the body, capable of decreasing risks of cancer, cardiovascular, macular degeneration, as well as cataract formation.

This is the background of three agricultural technology students of Brawijaya University i.e. Adi Rahmanto Wibowo, Roya Putri Habibah and Rismoyo Nahri Filanto to create innovation of carotenoid extraction device via PKM (Student's Creativity Program) from the Ministry or Research Technology and Higher Education titled "Green Carotenoid Extractor or GODECT". GODECT is a design of carotenoid extraction device based on Green Electric Pulse as an effort to realize Indonesian Zero Waste Technology.

Adi explained that GODECT is a very effective carotenoid extraction device because it uses combination of non-thermal Pulse Electric Field (PEF) technology which is able to damage the cell wall on its ingredients and olive oil as the solvent. The device is equipped with pressure chamber in order to obtain maximum final-result.

"By using GODECT, carotenoid produced will not suffer damage because the process is without heat. This is due carotenoid has characteristic which is vulnerable to the heat. Besides, we choose to use olive oil as the solvent so that it can be consumed immediately. Besides, it has many benefits for our health," he said.

Roya added, by using GODECT, Indonesia is expected to be able to produce vitamin A supplement by itself.

"During the time, Indonesia is still importing for meeting the demand of vitamin A supplement domestically. In addition to use olive oil, we also try to use cooking oil as the solvent so that its vitamin content can increase. Lately food fortification program is more intense, GODECT is expected to participate the program," he said.

GODECT team hopes to be able to develop the technology in larger scale. They also hope to overcome the existing problems. Because students should have the courage to work for the national advancement. [dse/Humas UB/trans. Denok]





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