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Fredyantono Ramadhan, Social and Political Science Student Champions International Martial Arts

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Fredyantono Ramadhan champions international PSHT competition
Fredyantono Ramadhan champions international PSHT competition
Ferdyantono Ramadhan Kusuma, a Social and Political Science student of Brawijaya University raise the name of faculty and university due to his achievements in an event so-called "The 4th Sebelas Maret International Pencak Silat PSHT Championship. He was successful to be the first champion of D Class for adult male and the best male Pesilat.

Pencak silat itself is martial arts which originated from the Malay archipelago. Martial art itself has many technics to learn by its athletes. One of its branches is Persaudaraan Setia Hati Terate (PSHT) which is followed by Fredyantono.

The student from Blitar City has been joining PSHT Championship organized by Sebelas Maret University Solo for two days (24-30/mar/2018). The championship has no selection stages, so he directy departed to Solo to join in the matches for a week.

Participants who joined in PSHT Championship in Solo was not only Indonesian Athletes. There were also overseas ones such as Polands, Sweden, and Thailand. It proves that Fredyantono is an talented athlete in this area.

According to him, there is no specific reason to join in this event, because since Junior High School he has been diligently concerning and join pencak silat competition. Countless the number of competition he was championed.

"I just joined with a championship in Sidoarjo. Alhamdulillah I won, but as the third champion," he said shyly.

Due to frequent incised achievements in Pencak Silat, no doubt in Fredyantono's capabilities. Not only in university or city level, he is also included in national well talented athlete.

"It is planned that in the end of the year there would be a competition in Malaysia. For the date still do not know. But later will represent IPSI (Ikatan Pencak Silat seluruh Indonesia). Please pray for it," he said.

Fredyantono has no intention yet to stop following competition. As long as he can, he will continuously pursuing the world of martial arts. Hopefully in the future Fredyantono will not only raise his faculty and university reputation but also Indonesia at international level. [Lita/Humas FISIP/Humas UB/trans. Denok]








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