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Faculty of Social and Political Science and Faculty of Dentistry Champion Putra Putri Brawijaya 2018

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Head of Archive and Public Relations Sub-Division Kotok Gurito deliveres gifts to PPB 2018
Head of Archive and Public Relations Sub-Division Kotok Gurito deliveres gifts to PPB 2018
Delegates from Faculty of Social and Political Science Fikri Muhammad Nur and Faculty of Dentistry Andya Ranithanya were successfully to crown as Putra Putri Brawijaya 2018.

Fikri and Andya won the title after a selection series to defeat 24 finalists who compete.

In the selection night, there were two steps. The first step, around six Putra (Prince) and six Putri (Princess) were selected out of 24 finalists who compete. Furthermore, they were asked questions by the judges and at the end were selected three putra and three putri who afterwards entered the final step.Prior to Grand final night, the finalists joined in a quarantine for four days carried out on 24-25/Nov/2018 and 1-2/Dec/2018 in building B Faculty of Law.

Nadhira Salsabila, as PPB 2017 delegate explained the event is the fourth to organize. Previously, finalists carried out a selection series such as written test in form of multiple choice and essay questions on general knowledge, interview and Focused Group Discussion.

"The first selection, we organize a test on general knowledge, knowledge on Brawijaya University, embassy, regional knowledge, English and open interview, so we will interview them in front of publics. We can see which one has selef confidence and capable of delivering their opinion properly, how to handle nervousness, so indirectly we can see their public speaking. The second selection is close interview, in a longer duration, English interview as well and we organize Focused Group Discussion using English," said the Agricultural Technology student.

For the jury, the committee has invited such as Student Activities Unit (UKM/Unit Kegiatan Mahasiswa) Formasi (Forum Mahasiswa Studi Bahasa Inggris/Student Forum on English Study) and Duta Brawijaya 2013 to participate in English Proficiency selection. Nadhira admitted Putra Putri Brawijaya selection empowers all organizations at Brawijaya University, by indicating that Putra Putri Brawijaya is not a single stand unit but also collaborate with others.

Entering the quarantine step, Nadhira added, PPB finalists are equipped with materials such as Brawijaya University profile, embassy, public speaking, personal branding, pageantry and manner. In this term, the finalists also tested their talents by Duta UB Berbakat 2013 (UB Talented Ambassador) Savira Trisna Fitriani, Putra Berbakat Brawijaya (Brawijaya Talented Prince) 2017 and Duta Sanitasi (Sanitation Ambassador) Joko Roro of Malang Regency 2018 Bayu Hendriansa and Putra Berbusana Terbaik Brawijaya 2017 (Brawijaya Best Costume Prince) and Kangmas Berbakat Kota Batu 2018 (Talented Prince of Batu City 2018) Boy Nanto Sitanggang.

PPB finalists 2018 look stunning in its grand final on Wednesday (5/Dec/2018). Took place at GOR Pertamina Brawijaya University, the Grand final was attended by Kotok Gurito, SE as Head of Archive and Public Relations Sub-Division Brawijaya University, as well as the jury team, such as Maulina Pia Wulandari, PhD as a lecturer at Faculty of Social and Political Science; Lusy Desyana, S.AB., M.AB as a lecturer at Faculty of Administrative Science; Ladiniah Dalintasya, S.IP as Head of PPB Community Periods of 2017-2018; Naomi Ariella as Runner Up 1 Putri Indonesia from East Java 2018 and Rully Suprayugo, S.I.Kom as Public speaker, MC and presenter. [*/Humas UB]

The following are the champion names at PPB 2018 selection:

Best Supporter: Faculty of Science

Putra Putri Intelegensia (Intelligence Prince/Princess)

Prince: M. Arrofi Ramadhan (Faculty of Culture Studies)

Princess: Amiera Chalid (Faculty of Social and Political Science)

Favourite Prince/Princess

Prince: Surya Bagus (Faculty of Law)

Princess: Ourel Queen BR S (Faculty of Social and Political Science)

Well Talented Prince/Princess

Prince: Deva Wahyu Hidayat (Faculty of Social and Political Science)

Princess: Adzra Imtiyas Asrin (Faculty of Science)

Deputy II Prince/Princess

Prince: Nurrohman Adi A. (Faculty of Engineering)

Princess: Oxa Feby Salsabila (Faculty of Administrative Science)

Deputy I Prince/Princess

Prince: Gilang Pratama Putra (Faculty of Administrative Science)

Princess: Annisa Sekar Pranastuti (Faculty of Agricultural Technology)

The Champion

Prince: Fikri Muhammad Nur (Faculty of Social and Political Science)

Princess: Andya Ranithanya (Faculty of Dentistry)








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