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Faculty of Agriculture Leaders Work Meeting

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Leaders work meeting at Faculty of Agriculture
Leaders work meeting at Faculty of Agriculture
Faculty of Agriculture of Brawijaya University held a leaders work meeting themed "Evaluation of 2017 Strategic Planning and Operational planning", "Sireka (Sistem Informasi Rencana Kerja Anggaran/Information System on Budget Work Plan) Arrangements and Estimation of 2018 Budget Acceptance)". The event conducted for two days (12-13/Jul/2017) and concentrated in Royal Orchids Garden Hotel, Batu. The leaders work meeting followed by Dean and Vice Deans I, II, III, Department Heads and Secretaries, Postgraduate Program Head and Secretary, Head of Study Program either in Agribusiness or Agro-Eco-technology, Head of working units (BPPK, GJM, UPT Kasembon, PSIK and international Office) and administrative structural leader at Faculty of Agriculture.

On the occasion, the Dean Prof. Dr. Ir. Nuhfil Hanani AR., MS delivered that 2017 is a transition era for Faculty of Agriculture. In addition, welcoming the 2018 awakening era, furthermore international certification preparation and receipt of budget plafond, in which Faculty of Agriculture is in category A, and so receiving more than 50 billion plafond.

Leaders work meeting agenda were including presentation on third quarter Dean's working contract achievement, pursued with presentation on proposed work program and budget of Vice Deans, Department Heads, Study Program Heads, Postgraduate program Heads, and Head of Working Units at Faculty of Agriculture. Afterwards, pursued with commission meetings which are divided into two namely Commission A discussed evaluation on strategic plans, achievements half of the operating plans, and 2017 budget uptake. Meanwhile Commission B discussed Sireka arrangement and estimation on budget acceptance for Faculty of Agriculture in 2018. Prior to closing event, firstly delivered the reading of the results and conclusion of each commission meeting. [zma/Humas UB/trans. Denok]



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