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Faculty of Agriculture Has Gas Chromatography Assistance from CEH Lancaster United Kingdom

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Gas chromatography assistance from CEH to Faculty of Agriculture
Gas chromatography assistance from CEH to Faculty of Agriculture
Pursuing partnership between Faculty of Agriculture and CEH (Centre for Ecology and Hydrology) Lancaster UK in research and publication, on Tuesday (13/Mar/2018) took place in 3rd floor hall Department of Soil Science conducted an aid handover in Gas Chromatography device from CEh to Faculty of Agriculture. The event was attended by Dean Prof. Dr. Ir. Nuhfil Hanani AR, MS and Vice Dean on Academic Affairs Prof. Dr. Ir. Kuswanto, MP. Meanwhile from CEH was attended by Dr. Rebecca L. Rowe and Mr. Simon Oakley.

In his address, the Dean expressed his gratitude towards CEH because they are willing to follow up the previous partnership. By this GC device, is expected to improve numbers of research which later will increase numbers of publication for lecturers and hope that in the future can cooperate with other departments at Faculty of Agriculture.

"I am also grateful to Faculty of Agriculture that they are willing to support this cooperation, especially in research and publication conducted by CEH and lecturers at Faculty of Agriculture, with the device is going to increase a continues research," said Rebecca.

GC training by CEH
GC training by CEH
The event will be pursued with GC training for lecturers and laboratory staff at Department of Soil Science Faculty of Agriculture. The training aims in addition to maximize the using of GC also to standardize so that later the results will be appropriate with such device at CEH Lancaster UK.

Gas Chromatography is classified as an analysis tool (qualitative and quantitative), which is lined up as way of analysis that could be used to analyze organic compounds. It is also a kind of chromatography that is used in organic chemistry for separation and analysis. GC could be used to test the purity of specific materials and separating various compounds from mixtures. In some situations, GC could assist in identifying complicated compound.

The day before, also have conducted CEHH's visit to UB Forest in order to have a field survey for research, of UB Forest is a research destination for CEH and Faculty of Agriculture. Because in the research, in addition to device assistance also supporting expert staff from CEH. [zma/Humas UB/trans. Denok]






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