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Faculty Of Social And Political Sciences Majoring In Psychology UB Held A Gathering To Improve The Quality Of Works Practice Module

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Tim Tugas Akademik (TA) Psikologi FISIP UB Gelar Sarasehan
Tim Tugas Akademik (TA) Psikologi FISIP UB Gelar Sarasehan

In order to update the real Works Practice Module (WPM) that has been less relevant in the year 2019, Academic Task (AT) Team of psychology of Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (FISIP UB) held a gathering. The event was held on (25/2 – 26/2/2019) in the 7th floor meeting Room of Building B of the UB FISIP focused on the exchange of ideas and the perception of the real work Practices program between teachers Psychology of Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Universitas Brawijaya (UB).


According to Thoyyibatus Sarirah, S. Psi., M.Si., as the chairman of the Academic Team of psychology FISIP UB, the Gathering of Works Practice Module (WPM) 2019 programs is based on technical and non-technical problems and some rules and agreements.

"There is already a module governing the Works Practice Module program, but we think the module needs updating and detailed in some ways, and the lecturers agreed that the module needs to be examined and evaluated jointly," said Thoyyibatus.

In addition to discussing and exchanging ideas on several rules and agreements on the real work Program, the event titled Gathering Perception Program of Works Practice Module 2019 is also a place of evaluation of Works Practice Module implemented in the years Previous. (06/Fariza/Publicis FISIP/PR UB/Translated by Nida).


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