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Facing Israeli Occupation, Hebron Wants to Keep Moving Forward

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Submit by denok on January 07, 2019 | Comment(s) : 0 | View : 735

Public lecture by Hebron Mayor Tasyir M.M Taha
Public lecture by Hebron Mayor Tasyir M.M Taha
Violence and Israeli occupation in Palestine have paralyzed all activities such as education and development in the region. Hebron Mayor Mr. Tasyir M.M. Taha delivered that supports of different parties are necessary to end the heinous actions of Israel towards ultimate peace and prosperity for the Palestine. He delivered this in a guest lecture titled "Peace and Prosperity" organized on Monday (7/Jan/2019) at Widyaloka building Brawijaya University.

Hebron Mayor is committed to advance the city that is recognized as a world heritage by UNESCO, despite dealing with vary challenges including Israeli occupation. In the city also located the cemetery of the Prophet Ibrahim a.s. who is known as the Prophet of three religions including Jewish, Christian and Islam. Although the cemetery was closed post Israeli attack 1991 which killed many victims.

UB's Rector Prof Nuhfil Hanani receives a shawl from Hebron Mayor
UB's Rector Prof Nuhfil Hanani receives a shawl from Hebron Mayor
Tasyir M.M. Taha believes that education and development investment is part of the best ways to realize the prosperity of the Palestinians. In the city, there are two well known Palestinian Universities namely Hebron Univeristy and Palestine Polytechnic University. "Although under Israeli occupation, we continue to strive for development especially water and residential facilities so the people can live safely, comfortably and calmly," said Tasyir M.M. Taha.

Particularly, Hebron mayor appreciated the roles of Indonesian diplomacy during the time such as in hospital and other public utilities development. As delivered by Palestinian Ambassador for Indonesia, Zuhair Al Shun, Supports from Indonesia and other parties remains to be needed for the Palestinian struggle. "Palestine is highly needs Indonesian and other parties assistance, moreover we are the unseparated part," said Al Shun. [Denok/Humas UB/trans. Denok]








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